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Jewish Hollywood will tell you that the Italian Mafia was responsible for bringing drugs to America.

Pelayo Secundus


Jewish Hollywood will tell you that the Italian Mafia was responsible for bringing drugs to America. Yet there was a rule against dealing in drugs in La Cosa Nostra. Here are some facts that you may or may not know.

Joe "The Boss" Masseria and Salvatore "Boss of All Bosses" Maranzano fighting to control the Sicilian Mafia in NY were both killed in 1931 by Jewish assassins. After the removal of the old Mustache Petes who took orders from Sicily a new Mafia was formed.

La Cosa Nostra was formed by Lucky Luciano headed by a Commission. It was independent from the Sicilian Mafia & included Neapolitan Camorra, Calabrian 'Ndrangheta & more significantly Jewish gangs. Few will tell you that the Jewish Mob had a seat on or literally ran the Commission

My version of the Mafia may be different from yours because Italian Mafia History has become as almost exclusive Jewish run enterprise. Mafia historians with names like Raab, Jacobs, Lehr, Burnstein write their Jewish version of the Italian Mafia & hide many truths.

The origin of the Sicilian Mafia can be traced back to the Masonic invasion of Southern Italy in the mid 19th century by the Sardinians and the House of Savoy. This "Unification" of Italy destroyed the Spanish Catholic Bourbon Kingdom of Two Sicilies.

The tale of 3 Spanish Knights & brothers who shipwrecked in Italy, 1 in Sicily who founded the Mafia, 1 in Naples who founded Camorra & 1 in Calabria who founded 'Ndrangheta along with Garduña nonsense is an allegory for the Italian Bourbon displaced elite who went underground.

After the Young Turks of Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky formed The Commission, the clan system of the Sicilian Mafia was greatly weakened. Sicilian Clan members with allegiance to the old regime were separated & scattered among different families to keep the Sicilian clans weak.

After Lucky Luciano was deported to Italy Frank Costello became the head of the Commission. He was known for having political connections.

Few people realize that a lot of his power came from his rich Jewish relatives. He married into a prominent Jewish family with ties to crime.

On May 2, 1957 Frank Costello was shot in the head by Vincente Gigante but survived. The hit of the Chairman of the Commission was orchestrated by Don Vito Genovese. Costello supposedly went into retirement and Genovese became the new Boss.

While Lucky Luciano & Frank Costello preferred the company of Jews,

Don Vito Genovese preferred the company of Fascists. Having become friends with Mussolini he donated $4 Million to the Fascist party and was even Knighted by him.

During the War in 1943 Italian Socialist Carlo Tresca living in exile in the United States was shot to death allegedly by Carmine Galante on orders from Don Vito Genovese as a favor to Mussolini.

Galante will be mentioned soon.

Supposedly Vito Genovese attempted the hit on Costello on May '57 then ordered the hit of Albert Anastasia 5 months later on October because Anastasia & Costello were allies. I don't believe that story imo Anastasia & Genovese were allies against the Costello's ✡️ run


Many lies have been told about Albert Anastasia by Mafia historians. Such as that he was the head of Murder Inc which is a total lie. Murder Inc was a Completely Jewish organization headed by Jewish gangsters & likely still exists as the ✡️ run Commission's & Illuminati's Mossad.

Eventually Don Vito Genovese was brought down by a not so retired Frank Costello & his Jewish pals. First Costello informed of the Appalachian meeting where Genovese was going to declare himself Boss of All Bosses which was raided by the police and 60 Mob bosses were arrested.

Then Luciano & Costello allegedly paid $100,000 to a Puerto Rican drug dealer named Nelson Cantellops to falsely implicate Genovese in a drug deal. He also falsely implicated Carmine Galante (will be mentioned soon). Genovese died in jail a year before his release. Poisoned?

Another legendary opponent of Luciano's Jewish La Cosa Nostra Commission was one of its first members Joseph Bonanno. He coined Luciano & Costello side the "Liberal branch of the Commission" vs the Traditional Sicilian branch that he represented. He had been a Maranzano Loyalist.

Unlike other Sicilian clans which were split up Bonanno was able to retain his family united. He attempted to take out the Liberal branch of the Commission but one of the hitmen assigned Joe Colombo snitched & informed them causing Bonanno to have to hide out for several years.

In January 1974 the most bad ass Mobster in history hit the streets. He was Joe Bonanno's driver and bodyguard but he was in jail during the Bonanno Wars. He had been set up by Frank Costello a literal rat fink Jew lover. His name was Carmine Galante. He came for revenge.

Unfortunately Frank Costello died in 1973 so Galante did the best next thing. The day after he was released from prison in Jan 1974 he had Frank Costello's mausoleum blown up with dynamite. He then declared War on the Commission & declared himself Boss.

From 1964 until 1968 the Commission was trying to get their hands on Joe Bonanno which they couldn't do. They declared him deposed and ignited a War to have him replaced called the Bonanno War or the "Banana split". In 1968 he was allowed to retire to Arizona.

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