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⛧KHAZARIAN MAFIA: Bankers For ‘The Papal Bloodlines’ (Earth’s Ruling Elite)

Season One, Episode Seven:

SYNOPSIS: This second last episode for season one is A MUST LISTEN on LIFE DOWNUNDER with Gray STANTON. This is the podcast no one has ever done, because to do so requires detailed insight from an actual insider, which Gray STANTON is. Tonight’s main topic is none other than the most ruthless enemy of humanity – the Khazarian Mafia. In addition to their true history, in conjunction with their ties to Earth’s Rulers (‘The Papal Bloodlines’, aka the ‘Archons’).

Further topics include European Member of Parliament Christine ANDERSON (GERMANY), Greg REECE presents Dr. Mattias DESMET (pronounced “De-May”), a professor of psychology at Ghent University in BELGIUM who has put together a thesis that could explain why so many people are still going along with the Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid-19) “shamdemic:”, Marian TURSKI – Survivor of AUSCHWITZ 75 years on at The Leaders, Holocaust Survivors Mark Liberation Dinner, WARNING ORDER (Update / Speech) by:

retired Lt. Colonel Riccardo BOSI (‘Australia One’ Party leader, and former Adjutant in Australia’s Special Air Service Regiment (SASR)) public address 16 DECEMBER 2021 in Sydney, New South Wales, A further analysis on medical study results (by Dr Sandra VRANIC whom conducted the original study) – Dr. VRANIC is from the Nanomedicine Lab Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences & National Graphene Institute University of Manchester, UK gives a presentation titled “Cellular Responses to Graphene Oxide Sheets” Effect of Lateral Dimension and the Oxidative Stress Paradigm, Part Two (2) Interview of Catherine AUSTIN-FITTS on the Khazarian bankers ‘naked-short-selling’ and their fraudulent crypto-currencies, significant expose on the Khazarians, the Papal bloodlines, and Dr Ha Ha LUNG’s published works on ‘Mind Control’ – The Killer “B’s”.


Satanic Child Sacrifice


Who was King Bulan of Khazaria? Jewish Biography as History | Henry Abramson An Introduction to the History of Khazaria Chasaren – Khazars – Wikipedia – History of Jewish Khazars, Khazar Turk, Khazarian Jews Long Live The Khazaria Empire – Not! ( The Serpent People Return to Ukraine ( Core Edicts of the Khazarian Mafia Top Command (Part I) – Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services Solzhenitsyn-200-Years-Together-Encrypted.pdf ( 200 Years Together.pdf ( Solzhenitsyn’s Damning History of the Jews in Russia – a Review ( _______________________________




Dr. Mattias Desmet: Totalitarianism & Mass Formation in the World explained ( ___________________________

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Prof. Mattias Desmet (‘Covid Mass Psychosis’) ( _________________________

Graphene Oxide – HISTORY HEIST Live Call: Graphene And Graphene Oxide Basics | Holistic Health Online Graphene oxide-incorporated hydrogels for biomedical applications | Polymer Journal.pdf ( (PDF) Live Imaging of Label-Free Graphene Oxide Reveals Critical Factors Causing Oxidative Stress-Mediated Cellular Responses ( ___________________________________ Full Interviews – Planet Lockdown Documentary Film ( Solari Report – Actionable Intelligence to Live a Free & Inspired Life sr201905069_Wood ( _____________________________________

Ultimate Mind Control by Dr. Haha Lung – free ebooks download ( Eldham: [E469.Ebook] Download PDF Mind Control: The Ancient Art of Psychological Warfare, by Dr. Haha Lung

Maps of the Khazar Kingdom from 300 c.e. to 1000 c.e. ( Khazars – Khazarian music – YouTube “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” ― Frédéric Bastiat

Published by Gray Stanton

Gray is a special investigator, veteran and consummate professional within CONUS / OCONUS Private Security Contracting (PSC) as a Commonwealth Protective Security Specialist (PSS), in addition to Global Securities and Investigations. Previous service in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Special Operations Command (SOCOMD), with stints in federal, and state law enforcement (Security and Counter Terrorism) as a sworn LEO. A university graduate, and valedictorian with a double-degree in Psychology and History, with a focus in Biomedical research and Statistics. This podcast is a must listen for all concerned citizens trying to get to the truth, in addition to any aspiring journalists, or investigators who want to learn from a man whose both methodical and meticulous. View more posts

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