Law Of The Land? No, The Corporate Law Of Contracts

David Icke

There is the law and it applies to everyone. NOT TRUE.

There are two different systems of law. One they don't want you to know about and the other one, they want you to believe is something that it actually isn't.

There is Common Law and Statute Law.

Statute Law or Corporate Law which is only applicable to corporations, is created by governments. These laws are based on Maritime or Admiralty Law, which comes from the law of the seas and was originally used for commerce between nations.

The Cabaal wanted to usurp and cast aside Common Law, which has nothing to do with government, and replace it with Statute Law, which is the Law of Contracts.

Statute Law has to have two or more corporate entities to contract with each other for there to be a valid jurisdiction. That is, there has to be an agreement. This is the law coming from governments all over the world. The Law of Contracts. Therefore, if you don't contract with them, they have no jurisdiction over you.

So, they brought this law of the sea (Contract Law) to shore and they imposed it upon the population.

But because Statute (Contract) Law has to have contractual parties to have any influence or jurisdiction, what they did was turn governments and government agencies into corporations.

Your government is a corporation. Law enforcement agencies, the police, the courts,

fire brigade and all public services are corporations. Private Corporations.

Hence Law of the Sea terms are used in the legalese of Statute Law. Why do you think the accused person in a court, stands in a "dock"?

So how have they taken a law that is applicable only to corporations and applied it to the people?

This is where the level of deceit is extraordinary. "The bigger the lie, the more will believe it."

You are born a living breathing child who develops into a living breathing man or woman. But a living breathing man or woman is not a corporate entity. Therefore Statute Laws coming out of governments cannot apply. There is no contractual basis.

When you takeout a birth certificate for your child, the government creates a fictitious corporate entity in your child's name.

If your name is John Smith, the living breathing entity, they create a fictitious corporate entity in your name by often putting MR or MRS etc in the name. So the fictitious corporate entity will be called MR JOHN SMITH. Capital letters are also often used for the fictitious corporate entity. Official sources of documents will have your name in CAPITAL LETTERS.

The fictitious corporate entity (you) is also designated a "person". So to disconnect from that you must never describe yourself as a person because if you acknowledge you are a person, then you acknowledge that you are this fictitious corporate entity.

And they use many other tricks.

The big trick is to keep the worldwide population believing that you, the living breathing man or woman, is this fictitious corporate entity. So, through this manipulation they get you to contract with the government corporations which then gives them the ability to impose their will upon the "person" or fictitious entity - which is YOU.

So how do we disconnect from this crap so that Statute Law no longer applies to us?

One example.

Most lower level police officers have no idea that they're actually administering Corporate Law which requires a contract. But they are given a spiel when they are laying out charges or offenses.

Phrases that are used in the course of conversation by the population, that have a certain meaning to them, have a very different meaning to them in legalese.

Common Law is LAWFUL. Statute Law is LEGAL. These have different meanings.

For example, when a police officer tells you what you have done wrong and what you may be charged with, or whatever, they'll say at the end, invariably, "Do you understand?"

Now to us of course it means, do you comprehend what I have just said. That's not what it means in the legalese of Statute Law.



So, it is absolutely vital to say NO I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. I DO NOT STAND UNDER YOU and get it on video if you can.

Also to say to the officer, and the Council official or whoever it is, representing this scam called Statute Law, YOU ARE DEALING WITH A LIVING BREATHING MAN OR WOMAN, YOU ARE NOT DEALING WITH A CORPORATE ENTITY, I DO NOT CONSENT TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND I DO NOT CONTRACT WITH YOU.

So unless you contract with this system, it has no jurisdiction over you.