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Let There Be No Doubt the NYC 'Subway Shooting' Was Fake

Last week, we talked about these viral videos about Project Looking Glass, that were talking about a major terror attack supposed to occur in New York City next Monday, on April 18th that needed to be prevented in order to put us on a timeline that does not catapult us into a massive nuclear exchange with Russia.

Since then, there was a “manhole cover explosion” in Times Square on Sunday that caused hundreds of panicked people to run away.

And then, of course on Tuesday, there was the biggest mass shooting in the New York Subway’s history in Brooklyn.

The shooter, Black supremacist, Frank James managed to escape and it was he who called the NYPD the next day to come pick him up in the East Village.

The “suspect” just happens to drop his credit card, his U-Haul key, and his backpack before fleeing from cameras that WERE able to observe him – but we’re told were “turned off”?

The shooter was known to FBI and had been removed from their watch list. The MTA cameras weren’t working on subway platform, and apparently the thousands of cameras deployed in and around New York City couldn’t track his movements like they do everyone else’s.

It seems the FBI was too busy entrapping autistic Michiganders in a fake kidnapping plot and hunting down grandmas who took selfies at the Capitol on January 6th.

There’s clearly something amiss, here. One security expert told me it looked like a “probe”.

The question remains, was it a probe for this supposed April 18th attack or has that now been avoided?

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