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Letter to the Editor: Who Benefits and Who’s Behind the Global Genocide?

A reader has many questions about the genocide people of the world are facing: who benefits, who’s spearheading it? And then offers some possible reasons why those who are perpetrating it have resorted to such crimes.

To The Exposé,

Why are the people being murdered globally?

In my opinion, the people are being murdered for money and wealth. More to the point: loss of it. In effect slavery of the population depends upon the central banks remaining in power. If the central banks don’t remain in power the mechanism for slavery disappears with them while they are left with the debt burden, they, themselves, created.

Without a fiat currency, the birth certificate as a slavery tool and the life insurance policies attached to them become useless.

This whole system is based upon fraud upon fraud upon fraud. Fraud is the only crime with no statute of limitation. Once found out, it must be remedied with interest

Now we get to the question of murder and why it has been implemented globally.

Firstly, a small window remained for certain entities to cash in on the life insurance policies attached to “persons, citizens, legal fictions” derived from the birth certificate.

The man, John Doe Smith, has spent his whole life being taxed and robbed for two entities called: JOHN DOE SMITH and JOHN D SMITH. Both are corporate fictions that exist only on paper.

How much has the man John Doe Smith had to pay for corporate fiction? How much damage has the estate of the man John Doe Smith suffered because of this fraud/s? What would the man John Doe Smith be worth if he had been allowed to keep what was rightly his?

Who benefitted from the crimes perpetrated against a living sentient being known as John Doe Smith?

The central banks, Elizabeth Windsor and the Pope.

Which entities are predominantly spearheading the global genocide?

The jab killed the recipient on paper first. The corporate side.

The actual death of the recipient ensured the central banks, Elizabeth Windsor and the Pope were free from reimbursing everything they had stolen via fraud. By murdering whole families, children included, closes the book with no one left to receive what MUST be returned.

In my opinion, therein lies the real reason for global genocide.


The Antidote is Love

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