Major Government Report Proves Covid Vaccines are Bioweapons

UK Report shows immune systems are failing at a rate of 5% a week

What personally got to me the most while I was carefully watching this video is how that top virologist for vaccines in the UK explained in a nonchalant, matter of fact, manner exactly HOW the "vaccines" do not work as promised and that's why booster jabs will be needed forever, but no big deal, right?

Their precious "vaccines" being neither safe nor effective matters not one bit to the SHEEPLE who pretend the VAERS numbers do not exists-pretend everything Gregg brings up in this video is simply not true.

There is absolutely NOTHING that gets through to these morons all while the CORRUPT TO ITS CORE CDC gets to endlessly FUDGE the true "vaccine" death/injury numbers-gets to endlessly LIE to the gullible public who will believe anything you spoon feed to them so long as what you are spoon feeding to them fully supports their unwavering LOVE of their precious, "safe & effective", FRANKENSHOTS. (AT THIS POINT-WHEN SO MUCH BAD CRAP HAS UNDENIABLY SURFACED ABOUT THESE SO CALLED "VACCINES"-THE CONTINUED DENIAL OF ANY "VACCINE" INJURY OR DEATH AND ENDLESS PRAISE OF THE POISON ON THE PART OF THE SHEEPLE IS MIND BLOWING TO ME!)

***The CDC already UNFAIRLY does not view any person as vaccinated unless that person is a full 14 days past receiving his TWO doses of TWO dose "vaccines" (like PFIZER) or 14 days past receiving his one dose of one dose "vaccines" (like Johnson & Johnson). This means that if any vaxxed person DIES immediately after receiving his first dose of poison or dies any time in between receiving that first dose and a full 14 days after receiving his second dose that person is ludicrously viewed as being UNVAXXED! This is beyond absurd and clearly a sneaky way for the CDC to hide the REAL HARM these death shots are causing.

Now it's about to get much worse where you will no longer be viewed as vaccinated if you haven't had your booster jab. Any NON MORON can instantly recognize this sht for what it is: Like Del Bigtree tweeted "These guys are good"!