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Mark Leibler Threatens Aborigines

Aborigines who are against the Gaza genocide have been threatened by Zionist Mark Leibler, a leader of the Yes campaign.

From the article:

Yes campaign leaders Sean Gordon and Mark Leibler said tying the two movements to each other would “alienate” the Jewish community from Indigenous gatherings and deprive the Aboriginal rights movement of much needed allies.

According to Mark, aborigines aren't competent enough to do their own lobbying and they have to get on board with the Gaza genocide or Jews may not be doing it for them in future.

Why can't they just take the money and throw away ethical considerations, like Marcia Langton?

“The Jewish community worked very hard to support Indigenous people through the referendum. People like Julian Leeser, Mark Leibler, Damien Freeman, those people worked tirelessly to support Indigenous people being recognised in the Constitution”

Damien Freeman and Julian Leeser, I was working with them for more than 10 years on Indigenous recognition.”

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