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MEP Christine Anderson: It’s governments who are the extremists, not the farmers

“It is not the people, not the farmers who are the extremists. The real extremists are sitting on the German government bench!” MEP Christine Anderson told the European Parliament on 17 January.

“Tears of joy were shed here in this House when you declared a ‘climate emergency’ and thus created a further basis for making citizens pay, pay and pay again,” she said. 

Adding, “Well, you can see the result in Germany.  Our economy is in tatters, a wave of bankruptcies is sweeping the country.  At the same time, hundreds of thousands of farmers, hauliers, entrepreneurs are being fleeced like Christmas geese.”

“The citizens are fed up and are finally taking to the streets.  Rightly so!”

The highly unpopular Green Deal championed by President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, involving overregulation, tax hikes, subsidy cuts, and environmental reforms, has sparked widespread protests, especially among farmers in Germany.

In response to the protests, the German government has recently called protestors “extremists” and “enemies of the Consitution”

However, German Member of the European Parliament (“MEP”) Christine Anderson says protestors are not extremists. No. “The real Extremists are sitting on the German government bench!” she declared.

“Criticising the government is not anti-constitutional, but a government that disregards the people … is anti-constitutional!” Ms. Anderson added.

She lamented that “our economy is in tatters,” and “a wave of bankruptcies is sweeping the country” because of globalist policies to put the “climate emergency” above all else.

As such, MEP Anderson urged the government to end the climate nonsense. “I call on you all to finally stop fleecing the citizens and making them pay for your crazy, ideological, and mentally-retarded projects.”

The above is an article published by Vigilant Fox titled MEP Christine Anderson Torches “Climate Emergency” Policies in Fiery Two-Minute Address.  Read more stories from Vigilant News Network HERE.

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