Message From The Trees

Message From The Trees:

The Path Towards Your True Divinity - 19th October, 2021

There is no time, only this present moment, and you fill your space with stories to mark the passing of time.

That one Voice you hear in your head, that tells you that things are not what they seem, that Voice that breaks the illusion of this World you see before you, is the Voice that reaches through time and space to pull you through to the other side of this dimension.

Many have gone on before you, seeking hope in this illusory world, however, it is not the stories of this illusory world that you must cling to. But with each passing moment of time, you must hold on to that one truth, that one purpose, which is the concept of "God experiencing itself"; God, understanding every facet, every nuance, every failure and success, and knowing that you are doing God's work in this process of unravelling and bundling up. The expansion and contraction of every moment is exactly what you should be doing.

You create rhyme and reason in all things that you do, in order to pass the time, for it is the human condition that knows and is conscious of so many parts of itself; that in it's exploration of who it is, and what part it takes in this world, that in that contemplation, it must relive it's experiences and moments as stories with a narrative. Stories that have characters - good and evil, and many, many parts ...

My friend, you are recharging, and your voice is heard across time and space asking for assistance from that consciousness which you call Nature.

We are a Collective and we work together in unity with you Humans. We are banding together in order that you may know that you are supported by the Universe in all that you do. And although these times are harrowing, once you come out the other end, you will see that it was necessary to bring forth a new and a brighter future and a brighter awareness of your reality.

Those of you who resist the change and who cling to the old ways that had inverted God's truth and God's reality, are the ones who will suffer needlessly, and will be required to go through this test once more in another lifetime.

Many will be taken away in the next 12 months.

Great suffering will fall upon the Earth, and although you do not wish to admit it, you know this to be true.

Many of your loved ones will perish due to the ongoing injections that they have chosen to partake in.

Those who have rejected it and who stood strong in the immediate discomfort of not falling into line, will receive the greatest rewards.

There are those of you who rejected Creation and God, and were not working in your highest purpose. Those of you who sought the illusory world, fell for it's treats and it's immediate rewards and temptations without seeking to do the work that you came here to do.

You took the easy way out.

It was the easiest option to give in and to fall in line.

It was the path of the Drifter.

It is not the path of the Sovereign Magician who takes charge of his failings, and stands with purpose in knowing that he could alchemize all parts of himself that needed healing.

This was where many of you went wrong.

Rather than doing the work, rather than trusting your Truth, you gave in because it was easier.

The other way appeared to be most difficult, and yet, those things that you all desire:





all of that, will only come to you when you push through the darkest parts of yourselves in the Test that is this World. And when you come out the other side, you will be reborn with an understanding of true faith and true alignment with Source and Creation.

Your entire civilisation, lost the parts of itself that allowed it to understand the magic held within each individual Creator Being.

Those who took "The Potion" in seeking freedom and immediate rewards, ironically, had that magic stripped from them.

Their connection to Source,

Their connection to God,

Their ability to tap into their greatest abilities to create, were taken from them, either through coercion, or blind faith in the system.



accepting that God no longer exists in this World, and trusting instead in the gods you call "Scientists".

This Cult of Scientism has given you nothing but a path away from your true Divinity. And it seeks to dissect you into smaller and smaller parts that must be programmed like components in a computer system. And you so willingly give up your true strength, and knowledge, and power.

But in the end, the answer is so simple; humble yourself enough to take peace in the truth that is your Divine Creator.

To take peace in Nature, the only everlasting source of rejuvenation.

And humble yourself enough to understand that while the answers are within you, that quite often, you must surrender, knowing that every step of the way that this is still a Matrix World that you live in.

The Hologram that you see around you, is malleable, and it will bend willingly to your fear and your lack of composure.

But when you align yourself in TRUTH: steadfastly - you will begin to see the cracks and break through the illusion in order to find the solutions and the parts of yourself that you had forgotten.

The parts of yourself that you came in here with.

The parts of yourself that were why you chose to be born at this moment.

Do not hoard these magical gifts, these magical parts of you.

Share them with your community.

Unite with one another.

Understand that there is no way out unless you unite together in solidarity, in clusters of communities.

Your Salvation lies within your FAITH.

Your deterioration lies in your DOUBT, and in your believing in the Narratives that pull you away from the path towards your true divinity.