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Methylene Blue Prevents Rubbery Clot Formation, Essential Oils Help Too - Experiment Documentation

Image: C19 uninjected blood on the right and same blood mixed with Methylene Blue

I have previously posted experiments with C19 unvaccinated blood and Methylene Blue. The control was 30ml of C19 unvaccinated blood. The same individuals blood was mixed with Methylene Blue ( 0.5 cc of a 10mg/ml vial), and a significant reduction of the rubbery clot material was seen. I also showed that Methylene Blue microneedles bind micro robots from Budesonide:

I have posted the historical research on Essential Oils dissolving polymer plastics like Styrene, which is one of the polymers found in human tissue and blood.

I did an experiment where I drew 30 cc of blood from this above described C19 unvaccinated individual. In this follow up, the same patient was now taking Metylene Blue 10-20mg daily orally. (Please note this is a dose correction, the patient let me know after I posted the original that he had only been taking between 10-20mg per day - which makes this an even more amazing result).

This time I drew 3 syringes of blood, 30 ml each and let it sit overnight at room temperature.

The control sample had much less polymer hydrogel development than a few weeks ago, when no Methylene Blue was taken. The rubbery polymer clot part was significantly reduced compared to the original image above:

Its a bit hard to see, but there was still some hydrogel rubber that had attached itself to the syringe top. In the above video you can see that. This sample was the most affected of the three I am showing and the clot material was the densest.

Here is the comparison side by side of not taking Methylene Blue on the right and taking it daily ( 10-20mg daily) on the left - same person:

The second sample I put 1 drop of Lemon Oil, 1 drop of Grapefruit Oil, 1 drop of Cinnamon Oil.

With the three Oils there seemed to be the least hydrogel rubber.

The third Sample I put the contents of 2 capsules of Oregano and Peppermint Oil Blend.

Note, that Polyamides ( Nylon), Polyethylene and Vinyl plastic polymers that Clifford Carnicom and I showed was in the rubbery clots, become hardened when the temperature drops. This could be the cause that the rubber clots develop with time after left to sit for a few hours or overnight and is also consistent with the observation of the embalmer Richard Hirschman that some of the clots appear to develop postmortem, when the body cools down. These most recent follow up tests show that adding Methylene Blue 10-20 mg daily orally helps prevents the rubbery clots in vivo. It appears the essential oils also have some helpful effects. I will have to repeat the testing with essential oils on someone who does not take Methylene Blue…

For now, my frontrunners for the nanotechnology detox are

  1. EDTA for metal detox that are used for the biosensors and regenerating the red blood cell zeta potential to prevent clotting

  2. Vitamin C in high doses for clot prevention and regeneration of electical conductivity of the blood,

  3. Methylene Blue as clean up for the hydrogel and powerful electron donor.

  4. Essential Oils to disolve polymer plastics like styrene.

I still use Plaquex for regeneration of the cellular membrane and other modalities as well. That is on top of all the other supplements like full nutritional support ( I recommend Dr Tennants Restore due to the superior research on restoring cellular conductivity, this doctor healed himself from encephalomyelitis, and I have been using his products for years. He is the Author of the brilliant book “Healing is Voltage”). EDTA orally with Medfive or in smaller doses for smaller people with EZDetox Cream. The essential oils can be are avaiable by Dr Tennants and other sources.

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