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Mike Adams interviews Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Ed Group, Dr. Henry Ealy and Dr. Jana Schmidt on HEALING after COVID

- Healing and saving humanity through a docu series. (0:00)

- Natural healing methods and detox techniques for vaccine damage. (1:33)

- Nanotechnology, synthetic biology, and parasites in the body. (4:58)

- Natural medicine and divine guidance among medical professionals. (10:18)

- The divinity of life and nanotech in vaccines. (14:11)

- Natural remedies for protecting against bioweapons. (15:26)

- COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines, and fear-mongering. (19:13)

- Transhumanism, DNA manipulation, and depopulation. (23:12)

- Vaccine uptake and natural immunity. (27:18)

- Alternative medicine and healing. (31:41)

- Castles, history, and personal meditation space. (33:44)

- The revealing of "bad actors" in various industries. (39:03)

- Preparing for challenges and sharing information to empower others. (44:07)


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