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[More about] IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Emergency Broadcast System Warning for October 4th, 2023

Apparently "Jason Shurka is a convicted fraudster (NY court) who promoted the u-ish black magic 'Pyramid Code' and then moved on to staged interviews with his fake friend 'Ray' who "knew all about aliens"."

"So whilst I would not take advice from Shurka, he may be warning correctly but without full knowledge of why we may wish to CUT OFF ANY FREQUENCIES."

The following blog post is very long but encapsulates the entire situation. It's a must read for those seeking to join the spiritual, as well as the 3D dots.



Situational Awareness Update

TRANSCRIPT: Dear Ascending Family,

Today is September 4th of 2023. And today I would like to discuss a situational awareness update, similar to a situation report, even though that is not my usual style to be giving situational reports about outer conditions in the 3D world. We are embarking into the next stage of global warfare, and I'd like to help prepare you with some context and with a deeper understanding of the events that may be playing out in the globalscape during the weeks to come. This discussion is more focused upon those of us that reside in the United States of America. Even though many tips or guidelines, which I hope to give you through the length of this update, will also be helpful to you no matter what your position is on the globe. Clearly, if we go back to our August blog, which I posted on 8-8 of 2023, the title of that blog is "Edict of War against Starseeds". And what I'm referencing here is the September 11th (9-11, 2001) event of the Adam Belial, or Wicker Man ritual, that transpired in New York City. The destruction of the Twin Towers was a global ritual, as well as a line that was drawn in the sand by the Negative Alien Agenda and their Cabal representatives of the Negative Alien Agenda invaders to issue that edict of war against the human population and Starseed population. That event was nearly 22 years ago. However, on 8-8-23, we had another declaration of war made against the collective human race, that agenda is being focused within the United States primarily. And so, it's important to understand that event as a declaration of war against the human population. Obviously, we have been talking about spiritual warfare, the war over consciousness, for a great many years. And yet, the spiritual war has escalated into the next stage of matter manifestation into the timeline. And that means that we've begun a next stage of seeing things manifest; we're going to see the warring events become more prevalent in the matter world. Previously, the spiritual war was more invisible for those of us that are not sensitive and were not aware this was happening. Certainly, to many of the 3D people, who are unaware that humanity is embroiled in a global spiritual warfare. However, now as we move into a more active escalation of warfare, we will start to see this Electrical War happening in matter manifestation, and the next stage of that edict of warfare declared in our timeline began on 8-8 of 2023. As many of us in our community know, the events of which happened in Maui was an act of this warfare. As heinous and difficult as it is to bear witness to this takeover, this was the first sequence of a global operation set into motion by the global cabal or shadow government. Most of the operations are being orchestrated by the NAA directing factions of what could be referred to as the Khazarian Mafia, along with the Black Sun Nazi infiltrations in the United States, working towards the One World Order through the Great Reset (agenda 2030) propaganda. Obviously, they're global, and they're everywhere, but their headquarters, or their main base, is within Israel, Switzerland and the United States of America. So this next stage of war is now being directed towards the western power center of the United States citizens, the American peoples, in an assortment of false flag operations that have systematically and methodically been working on land grabs, and the confiscation of personal property, claiming eminent domain. What we're entering here in the United States is the attempt to use government to confiscate and repurpose our lands, confiscate our agriculture in order to accumulate a centralized power into concentrated base of operations. Gathering resources into forming a geopolitical power center, gathering loosh and energetic resources into a particular power grid of the planet in which the Negative Aliens and the Cabal are repurposing, reconfiguring, reorganizing for themselves. As many of us are aware, there has been a warfare within their underground bases, what we call their DUMBS; these are deep underground military bases. Places and spaces that they have been operating have been breached in their security because there is an ongoing war that is occurring inter-dimensionally and on the manifested realms of our timeline. And as a result, they are reconfiguring themselves, they are repurposing themselves to prepare for the next stages of this warfare. Thus, looking at the Maui grids near the stargates in the region, it was made very clear that some of these DUMBS, portals and bases have been destroyed in certain areas of the planet's grid network, in which there has been a fleeing of these spaces of these forces. As an example, let's say those in Malta that were underground and working in the underground DUMBS and within the tunnel systems that exist under the earth, certain places on the earth that have now been placed in the control and watchful eye of Guardian Host, then these entities must flee and go somewhere else. Many of them have fled to where the Hawaiian Islands. So underneath Maui is a interdimensional access into the inner timelines, or the openings into the inner timelines or the Inner Earth. And this area is now being reconfigured as a base of operations for the remaining dark Cabal members, and their representatives, which are mainly the billionaire class, or the celebrity class that we can see are helping to carry out these particular anti-human agendas. The events on Maui are the set up, and this event was an act of war against the human population very similarly, as what the 9-11 event was. If you're not familiar with The Wicker Man ritual of the Belial Sun agendas of the Luciferians or Satanists, if you go into the Ascension Glossary it is explained. They use a particular military campaign in order to create holographic inserts and using various directed energy weapons, and what we have come to know as Project Blue Beam technologies, which I'm sure it's called something else by now. But this is the false flag operations of staging various chaos or military operations to control the public, and to disarm the public in order to steal the public's resources, lands, agriculture, everything they can. This is now heating up in the United States of America and other western power centers. And it's something for all of us to have as a situational awareness to understand that this global warfare is in play, and it has escalated now, and that requires us to be awake and aware to these dark machinations during the final battle stages of this particular conflict itself. Again, this is the spiritual warfare. So again, understanding that Maui was like the 9-11 event where an edict of war was stated in drawing a line for battle, and this is the NAA basically telling us, "this is what we're going to do now." And it's setting into motion an operation of which the land grabs, the [fake] climate control agenda, the setting of emergency lock downs are being put in place, no matter what it is deemed as an emergency situation, whether it is the "CV plandemic" agenda with the next variant that they are sending out through electromagnetic waves, broadcasts of fear, oppression, and propaganda. However, they carry out this agenda, they are coming at us from every angle. And so we need to be aware of this agenda in play as calmly as possible. And understand that during this period of time, our main theme taken from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Novel series is; Don't Panic, please don't panic. I think we need a big button that says "Don't Panic," to help us remember to stay as calm as possible when viewing these agendas. Because now we're at the stage where things are rapidly escalating, and we may see things manifest around us or in the matter world or impact people we know and it's going to be scary. It's going to look really bad to us, whatever it is, it is going to look quite terrible, and this is going to potentially put us into a state of fear and panic. This is what we must resist. We must resist feeling fear and keeping our wits about us. Don't panic. And I'm going to explain what we are living through in order to give you some tools and some tips to more smoothly navigate through these challenges ahead, challenges that some of us may have in the coming weeks.

Now remember, these types of grave challenges are not going to be for absolutely everyone. There are some people that may not be aware of this warfare happening in the distance, and may be completely insulated from the impacts of this warfare. But we still have loved ones, family members, or maybe some of us are residing in high-risk areas of descending hubs, where we need to be awake and aware to our environment. On the lookout for red flags, as we need to have a hyper vigilance in our situational awareness, so that we know when to ask the right questions when problems arise in our lives, if and when they do. Now, again, if and when problems arise, that you are equipped to understand how to address this calmly, with critical thinking and common sense. Do not panic, and know that the resolution is there waiting for you. Okay?

Now in the United States, we're undergoing this next stage of escalation of warfare. This means that Maui is in this operation of being set up as a base for Negative Alien forces and their human representatives, primarily the Black Sun contingents and those factions that serve them. This area is now being taken over; lands confiscated. They're grabbing the land, they're grabbing whatever they can, and this is now being set up as their center for their operations to be orchestrated globally, their child trafficking schemes, their adrenochrome production, everything that these depraved creatures use and steal from the human beings and Earth. Maui is one of their decided positions, one of their repurposed headquarters for operations against humanity, because of the powerful energies of which are underneath in the oceans and local stargate system. And also it is a militarized location strategically, because it is an island and it's more isolated in which they can control the islands and perimeters from prying eyes. It's much harder for those of us that are not billionaires with access to powerful resources, we don't have access to our own planes, and our personal magnetic rail trains located underground in which to get from place to place very quickly.

This is an isolation tactic as well, where they hide what they are doing on the ground there from the rest of the population, as they start building out and doing whatever it is they do to create their militarized headquarters for continuing their administration and running of global operations of warfare against the collective human race, with the main focus being to further dismantle the United States at this time. Most of us are aware that the narrative alongside the plandemic has been the "climate change, global warming;" whatever flavor they come up in which to call that, but we understand that this is the mechanism of the cover of their electrical wars and weather wars, right? This includes chemtrails, it includes the spraying of the skies, whether it's genetically modified mosquitoes, whether it's barium, strontium, or aluminum that they're spraying, heavy metals in the air, in the skies, or different types of mind control experimented, modified types of particles, protein chains or bio-chip systems. A lot of the chemtrails are also related to the mind control programs and the mind control that they blast out in the environment from internet towers, cell towers, any of the electromagnetic transmissions of which are being created for this purpose at this time.

We are coexisting in a world with many people that have been injected with the bioweapon, it means that many people around us are holding, different heavy metal configurations or assembling bio-chips which make them natural conductors of the artificial electromagnetic frequencies. This is why it becomes much more intense for those of us that are extremely sensitive to electromagnetic energies, because we have so many human beings now that have been weaponized in this way, because they have been injected with self-assembling bots and nano- types of materials which organize themselves as conductors, creating a biological machine inside of the unaware human being who is now working as a Bluetooth node, or a modem, internet node for carrying these artificial signals.

Clearly in our spiritual ascension community, there has been many of us that have been open and sharing the difficulties of being in the presence of loved ones that have been injected with this bio-weapon and feeling the artificial energies or whatever is being transmitted beyond what could be the faulty protein instruction sets that are also being sent through electromagnetic wave transmissions. Those of you that have been in the community for a very long time know that as I have been talking about genetic modification of the organic, angelic human Diamond Sun DNA for many years now, and in that process of going down the rabbit hole of looking at genetic modification through all of its sources, whether it's the "vaccine industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, the chemtrail industry," the types of artificial programs, and the embeds of holographic inserts and different technologies that are put into social media, and the technology that we have to interact with at this time. Indeed, it's everywhere, but again, it's not something to place us in fear. It is to utilize this from an place of informed awareness, a higher overview and clear understanding. It is better, to be awake and aware and to know what the agendas are, because then you can protect yourself, and you can protect your families, and this informed awareness helps to protect your families, and for you to make better choices for yourself and for your entire family.

Now, with this overview, the transmissions have always been related to genetic modification for the transhumanist agenda. This code was cracked a while ago in understanding the aliens figured out that if they interfered with protein assembly in our physical body at every level, they could shut off DNA switches because our body, and our DNA operates on protein chains. So their main way of creating diseases and making us ill, is by contaminating our foods, our air and water and anything else, which is designed to create faulty protein chains inside our body. This manifests as autoimmune diseases, at least what they call autoimmune diseases. Because what this means is your organic immune system function doesn't recognize the tissue in your body as being organic or functioning naturally, and therefore your own immune system starts to attack your cells. And eventually as your immunity is exhausted and adapts to these foreign invaders, this becomes an auto immune disease, because your own body is being weaponized against you through this faulty protein chain, which is being recorded in the cells and disrupting cellular integrity. Cell to cell communication is interfered with and recording this faulty protein chain in your cells, and the immune system doesn't know how to identify that properly. Then the body becomes in a hyper immune state trying to fight whatever this pathogen/predator/parasite is, as it is being exposed to the body. And this is the source of many health problems; this is the majority of the health problems that manifest as diseases that we see in our world today. And again, this is being deliberately created by these invaders, the Negative Alien entities and their representative organizations used for global brainwashing within the westerm medical system and everything else.

That's the game that is being played in the bio-weapon injections, not only to create a human being as a personal Bluetooth signal that is now connecting and conducting artificial frequencies as energetic nodes of which can be hacked and controlled or energy source biologically harvested. This is a part of biometric responses and understanding the battery source of every human being that can be connected into nodes within all people that are now injected with this bio-weapon. They can be connected as nodes linked together as a network in which to run these artificial frequencies that are literally being weaponized to hurt humans, and some of these people are our own family members. Okay, so we're living in sci-fi land. It's a very weird, weird world, but we have many spiritual supports and solutions that are available to us. But in order to find the solutions, we have to understand there is a problem to begin with and ask the right questions. If we do not understand what is happening, or we are ignoring what is happening, or we don't want to look at what is happening, that means we cannot ask the right question in order to find the right solution. To be awake and aware means we must be brave and calm in order to see all the gory details, we must have comprehension of all of these pieces. And once we see that overview and we understand it, then our higher consciousness can guide us naturally to find the solutions we require, and guide us through the dark maze of this spiritual warfare that we are all undergoing at this particular time. We are all being exposed to this warfare, no one is exempt. We're in this together.

Coming back to this next stage in the coming weeks, we have some important dates. First of all, we understand that they're going to attempt to roll out the next stage of lock downs again, and force or coerce a new set of injections, again, these are bioweapons. In the propaganda they call it vaccines, but all vaccines have been designed as genetic modification bioweapons. And obviously, more people are awake now, but we have to live through this next stage of the agenda and see how far this will be taken. As always, my guidance and support for you is do not consent to any of the Cabal 3D controller structures in the most peaceful way possible. Stay away from these controller structures as much as you can. Do not engage with them. Do not try to be a hero and run in there and try to expose it for what it is. This stage is the heightened warfare of these times and to understand that we need to be safe, we need to take care of each other, and we need to understand what is happening in the larger movement of these particular agendas. So we have two things, major things, in terms of the Covid plandemic, which we have already seen their agenda and how it carries out. They're going to be pushing this shortly, ever more aggressively. Now, in certain areas people will be more exposed to this agenda. Now, obviously, the more populated cities are higher risk with this aggression, because getting around and doing your day-to-day is harder when you're in a high-density population area, which is where they're going to try to enforce these types of lock down mechanisms, mandates, contact tracing, or other types of mechanisms to make it extremely difficult to navigate in society unless we follow their tyrannical rules, laws, whatever it may be. This is something to be aware of. They're going to try to do it in a severe way and we don't know how far it's going to go as it depends on how the masses react to these tactics.

With the increase of weather disasters, they are systematically going to say it's climate change, but it is artificial and they're doing land grabs and collecting loosh, as they did with Maui. Maui was the first line drawn in the sand. There are at least 14 other cities in the United States, and more growing globally, which have this same contract that Maui had, and now this weather or emergency situation will be enacted. Maui was a blueprint for them to organize this agenda and carry it out in other major cities and locations. They're going to duplicate this same agenda, and they're going to take it all through North America and beyond. Where all of a sudden there is an emergency situation with disease pandemic accompanied with unexpected fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, weather wars of any type, okay? And now, because they are much more desperate to gain control; they're using microwave weapons, directed energy weapons, and as we know some areas do have operational the, "5G Internet of Things" as carrier waves to send massive amounts of data through the airwaves in order to achieve their objectives.

So it's understanding, this is the time to be paying attention to your surroundings, your environment. This climate change lie is used as the cover for emergency usage laws to perform land grabs, and institute other types of tyrannical laws. This is the systematic confiscation of properties, of money, of resources, and it's starting now. They're starting to weaponize all control systems, weaponize banks, where banks receive a notice from let's say, the IRS, the taxing authority, and you're being taxed something which the authority, the so-called US Treasury hasn't let you know that they are charging you this amount, but they just issue a levy and take it out of your bank account. Things like this are happening in the United States. Again, please don't be scared of this. It's understanding, they're desperate; they're trying to grab resources everywhere they can. They're trying to grab money. They're trying to grab children. They're trying to grab whatever they can grab. This is the smash and grab tactic, and they don't care who sees them for what they are anymore. They're not hiding it. They're not trying to cover it. They just use the media as the propaganda tool, and they say it's climate change, and basically whatever cockamamie story they come up with, because they don't care if you know and can see them, they're just telling the public those lies, right?

So this is the stage we're going into as the next level of the aggression is made against the population. I would suggest for our community, for those of us that live in the United States of America and beyond, look out for the "smart cities," because these are going to be the areas that are probably targeted with some form of a Maui-esque, kind of operation, a false flag with sudden and unexpected emergencies. This will accompany forms of lock downs and mandates. We can see what's happening, let's say with the Burning Man situation, another wicker man ritual and all the sudden there are media reports there is an Ebola outbreak. Whether it's true or not is a question; it's probably just fear propaganda. But again, people are stuck in the mud, because of some unexpected mass flooding, and they can't get out. Okay, this is a blueprint of their agenda. We need to be aware that they're going to do this wherever they can.

So understanding the how, what and why, in terms of the mind control that is being targeted to people that are unaware of the negative ego programming. Everything we describe in ES is a study of the negative ego which is 1D-2D-3D layers of our body, how it's been hijacked, we call this the negative ego and that negative polarity, and how this becomes run by the V-V programs by the sexual misery, and by the Armageddon and pestilence program. Once we understand this, we can see it operating and are empowered to clear it. We are empowered to share that information with others, if they're open and willing, to be able to clear their fear, clear their negative ego so that these programs that are being sent out on turbo at this time, do not impact you or them, right? Because once we see what they're doing, once we know what their modus operandi is, then we are informed; and we empower ourselves. So understanding that the United States is the hardest place for them to dismantle, because, as it has been discussed before, the United States Constitution, is a living document that holds the energy signature aligned with the truths found in the Natural Laws. The United States Constitution has a blueprint that is connected to the natural laws of God. Therefore, this becomes an ideological thorn in the side of the Negative Alien Agenda and other despots that want to design nations of mind slaves and brainwashed followers, not a civilization or nation of free independent thinkers who value personal freedom and hold reverence for life. What we're getting at here is it's about personal freedom, because the only path to self-sovereignty is when an individual has autonomy in order to understand that your life force, your consciousness belongs to you, fully and completely, and that you as a self-sovereign being, as an individual, have a right, not only an incontrovertible right, but a divine right to live your life as you see fit, and act upon your own judgment or discernment, to be able to keep and use the products of your own effort. Meaning where you place your time and energy, what you reap and so as a harvest from your own energy and efforts. You have every right to handle the means of that production and pursue the value systems of your life at whatever you choose. This means that when we become collectivized under this Marxist hybrid of socialist-meets-communist overlay, which is really a trick and deception, very clever deception to pull in the youngsters, by the Satanists and by the Negative Alien Agenda, because they're promoting all these beautiful concepts as a bait-and-switch, in order to trap people in a consciousness trap where they give up their personal autonomy. They give up their personal individualism, and therefore they lose their self-sovereignty. That is the game of the Marxist/socialist/communist agenda of the Satanists that are playing out this ideological conflict as a part of this spiritual warfare against the natural laws of God and against the Law of One. Which is all about being God-Sovereign-Free, protecting self-sovereignty for all individuals. It looks like we have some important dates coming up. What I want to talk about now is that we're going to be coexisting in a very strange world. We are already coexisting in a strange world, but it's about to get weirder. Some of us may perceive this bifurcation split happening more than others. And that is, as the war is escalating now, it's going to generate several anomalies. Again, this may look scary sometimes. This is why it's very important to understand what I'm telling you now. The war is already won!

The main problematic issue is that they're going to try to lure you into their consciousness traps through broadcasted fear, through seeing others' incredible suffering; this may as well be your own loved ones. And what will be important is that you have the spiritual strength, the core strength inside yourself to be more powerful than the fear programs that they're sending out, and to understand that you have the power given to you as a co-creator. Once you set up your Law of Structure, you consciously participate where you have placed intent, consent, and authority. You have the power to out-picture any of the problems that may appear to be impending, whether it looks tragic, or issues impacting your children, your family members, what have you. Your goal will be to hold the out-picturing for your loved ones. Again, as you have permission to represent; this is especially in line for parents with children, that you have the right to do that for your children to out-picture their reality through the strength that you hold in the Law of Structure, which grants your intent, consent, and authority to be solely with God. What we need to understand here is going towards God is the organic time wave, it is the organic ascension; anything outside of that is not.

This can be broken down in a very practical way and how you apply this in your day-to-day spirituality, when you are connecting to God and Christos. You are focusing on the organic timeline, and you're not focusing on all of the other timelines co-existing simultaneously. These destructive timelines may come into your reality, you may see them clearly, because, you're coexisting with others here, and some of the others around us are very fear based. They don't understand what's going on. They don't know we're in a spiritual warfare. And again, from that place of ignorance they may try to bring you into their dramas, into their fears. They may attempt to create that drama and fear within you, again, unknowingly in many cases, and you will need to have the inner strength to see the truth clearly and to hold that beacon of the light and truth while you are traversing some very dark passages. Again, this is not for everyone, but it may be coming for some people, and this is who I'm addressing now. Especially those of you that have jobs in the 3D world, that have children in school, or have children at all, or have any level of regular interaction with the 3D control structures that are being highly weaponized at this time. Again, to the best ability that you can be very careful when interacting in any 3D structure as it is being weaponized. Be alert, be aware, because again, this is where they're just pounding people with mind control programs, with in organic sprays of whatever, in order to create more chaos. So as the war escalates it's going to generate strange anomalies. And that anomaly is related to an event we call bifurcation. We've been talking about bifurcation for a very long time, over ten years. Since 2017, as well, it became very clear that we were having a different level of the bifurcation. Again, to understand what I'm talking about, if this sounds like you didn't come across this material yet in the ascension classes, this is in the Ascension Glossary as "Delineated Sections In Bifurcated Earth." What I'm describing here is a blended Earth reality, and the main timelines that are surfacing. Again, understanding we are sharing a reality with people that are all on their own timelines based on whatever their consciousness levels are, and their genetic arrangements, their current stage of awakening, etc. Our goal within the ES community because we have the privilege of this information, is to understand we want to keep ourselves on the organic timelines and how to best do that, even while we're traveling in similar spaces with others around us who are on a descending timeline or a different timeline than you are, in which whatever they may be going through may seem to be very scary. It's important that you understand that you are in control of your own hologram in this way. Your consciousness level is what dictates your experience. This is why your consciousness must be stronger than what the Negative Aliens and the controllers are sending out in fear programs. This is basically all I've been training ES community for all these years. This is understood, to be the purpose of ES community and the support offered to the community itself, is to have the inner strength to understand what is happening on the planet right now. All of the years of training are going to come into a practical application at this particular point of heated up global conflict.

Now, for a while now, we’ve been talking about there’s a bifurcation event that begins on September 28th. Now this has been an annual event for the last five years or so, we were talking about a thirty-day process of integration, generally what I’ve noticed is that between September 28th and October 28th there are major bifurcation events that have been happening in the timelines. Now we’ve been living through this for a while – it’s been happening organically every year. Some of us recognize when we hit into September, late September and into October, it can be pretty hairy and it’s because of this splitting effect taking us away from the 3D timelines. Because we’re undergoing a bifurcation and it means it may be the ending of things in our lives that can no longer continue with us as we move forward with our ascension process. We may have realizations of what I call the “lightning strike”. All of a sudden you receive a major “lightning strike” in your life – this can be literal or proverbial or metaphorical – where all of a sudden you see things you did not see before and it puts you on a different trajectory and sometimes you may go through a nomad stage, a spiritual nomad phase. Sometimes this may create changes in your life and maybe it’s not pleasant changes but it’s needed and necessary in order for you to bifurcate away from those things – people, places and things – that no longer serve you on your organic ascension timeline. This month, our key dates are going to be the time around 9-11. Every year we talk about it so this is not new, but we know 9-11 agenda is going to be more amplified at this particular time because they have just made an Edict of War against the global population. The time around 9-11 is a very important time, to be awake and aware to false flags or whatever else that may come out of the blue unexpectedly. Then we have September 28th, we’re going to begin this next stage of bifurcation which is going to generate anomalies for some of us that are going to become more obvious. This is what I’m going to talk about in a minute. But our important dates that begin a new phase is September 28th for approximately thirty days. Now on October 4th, the reason why this is an important day is it is connected to the activation of the Cosmic Clock. Additionally, there is something circulating on the internet, I don’t have this in front of me, but what this is being described with this intelligent update that is coming through right now, is understanding that 10-4 date stamp is this timeline around October 4th till about October 15th to the 22nd, there was a calendar time shift orchestrated by the invaders. Now this was when we had the Sumerian invasion at some point, right? We go back to the Egyptian-Sumerian timelines of invasion and how they started to infiltrate all of our cities and advanced civilizations and take things over. Something like, I would say, a thousand years ago or there’s lost time of a thousand years. I’m not sure what it is right now but what is coming up is that we went through a purposeful time shift – our calendar was intentionally shifted by the invaders. Let’s say the twelve-month calendar is situated with the lunar calendar right now, we were probably on a solar calendar and they changed it to a lunar calendar. Something happened with that calendar change and the date of that, like ding-ding to pay attention to the alarm clock, the timeline trigger event of that event is October 4th. So that is 10-4 calendar time shift is connected to timelines in our past history, where what I suspect to be a solar calendar, a global solar calendar connection to our advanced human civilization was shifted into a lunar calendar and they did whatever they did to the calendar to distort it and reset the timelines. This may be also related to that missing 13th sign of Ophiuchus. Maybe the 13th sign of Ophiuchus was missing or something was taken out from our original solar calendar. And again, it’s understanding that this is a part of the mechanism of their attempt to exert timeline control over us because it disrupts our natural rhythms, our sleep rhythms, our calendar rhythm, our day and night rhythms – all that gets disrupted when they do things like this. So, what is being amplified at this time is as this bifurcation is moving us into a delineation of three, this is a third split happening. I have discussed this –it is described in the Delineated Sections in Bifurcated Earth in the Ascension Glossary.

We used to talk primarily about bifurcation as two, bi is two. What do we call this third split, as it a tri? This is a tri split occurring. So, this is where the anomalies come from as we’re going to be co-existing in a reality, in a third section of a field that is completely split off from the others. And that third section of the bifurcation is going to include the upper timelines of 9D and above. If we were thinking about the three timelines of the bifurcation – where people are stationed, where they are going – we have the upper timeline that starts at the 9th dimensional (9D) layer and it’s being hosted by the Andromedan Aquaferion Shields through the gyroscopic motions of their shields. These are mostly – at least who I’m connecting to – the Blue Feather Family. This is our Aquaferion Blue Feather Shield of the KEE SA Family that is connected to what we call J12. This would be Yeshua’s cosmic family. Yeshua and Mary-Sophia’s family from their original J12 levels, their tone of KEE SA appears in the Blue Feather Family of the Aquaferion Shield. This family are going to be holding the upper timeline access of 9D and above through the Andromedan gyroscopic function. There’s some kind of tunnel within the Aurora Platforms in 8D-9D but it’s accessed at 9D level from the Andromedan level and above. That means again for those of us that are connected to the Cosmic Christos Dragon people, we are part of the Emerald Order, we are a part of the Christos Founder genetics, okay that’s for this group. The upper timeline will start a base shield in which we are being synchronized within, that means our base shields, our connections are being key-coded to this greater shield. Again, only if this is in divine alignment to us. This would be the Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father Elohei-Elohim Families that have been fast-tracked through different levels of Starborn embodiment cycle, that is the Starhuman/Stardragon levels that some of us have been embodying or working on templating. So the upper zones are connected to the Solar Logos, to the Rishi and where the dimensionalization of the Rishi and the Solar Logos for the Starseed Dragon people – these are the Starborn humans. At this point, that is a smaller community – it’s rare, so it’s not for all of us. But there are some of us that are moving to this shield now and this will, may again, as I said, generate surreal anomalies. Things may look strange to you or there may be different things happening that are surreal. Again, don’t panic, this is what’s going on during this phase. Everybody knows in ES community that is seasoned, anytime you have a major initiation into a different stage of embodiment, we get attacked, we get targeted right? That’s just a par for the course, so there may be some of that as well to mitigate – especially since the Tiamat Logos newsletter came out. There has been the next stage of Merlion- Mer Line types, body parts, coming from Pegasus, coming from Tiamat to be reclaimed. We’re learning that the Pegasus peoples, and those body parts are coming in right now and this is the preparation for those of us to be on the upper timelines. So there’s a lot of attacking, and whatever else that may come or as well a clearing of trauma from these past timelines as you’re collecting your pieces that are connected to your personal Christ integration. Now the upper zones of Logos to Rishi are being dimensionalized for Starseed Dragon people. This means our body – our lightbody, our plasma orb body etc. – is being synchronized and attuned to the upper timelines that start at the 9D levels. If you want to read about this, this is the Delineated Sections in Bifurcated Earth in the Ascension Glossary and the higher Ascension Earth Timeline. This is what I’m talking about. If you want to see a little bit more of how this comes out into dimensions, go look at the Four God World Domains and you’ll see the Angelic Human Ascension Vehicle into Four God World Domains and we’ve got it laid out there. Where there is the inner world domain is 9D through 13D but this has been expanded further, like I said into the entire Rishic layers. It looks like at least from this point, or the 14(D) and 15D is going to come through the 13D, because remember 13D is our 13th Pillar Gate. This is our Gate of the Mother Arc that the Elaysian Fields and all of the blue frequencies coming from the Cosmic Spirit Body of the Mahara Reisha Worlds – all of that is coming through here. And we’re building these Rainbow Bridges in the Holy Mountains in order to bring these frequencies here. So the inner world domain is accessed from the upper timeline, so that means, the inner world domain and the upper higher timelines are synonymous. It means those of us that are being attuned to the upper timelines will have an access into the inner world domains and that is for transits, that is for travel, consciousness transport – it’s for travelling into the Incension. Now for those that are in the median timelines. These median timelines are connected to the outer world domains and this is the 1D to the 5D timelines of the outer world domains – that’s the median timeline. And then we have the lower AI timeline, which again is the timeline of the inorganic timewave, what’s happening with the bioweapon injections, the transhuman agenda and all of that. So for a while this is what’s going to be very strange for us. We’re going to be co-existing within a space sharing these realities simultaneously. Let’s say if you’re on the median timeline, that is your personal organic ascension timewave. And again, this is accurate for most people, you don’t need to worry or understand exactly where you’re positioned.

All you need to know is to intend to go directly to God, go to the organic consciousness and that will take you to the organic timeline that you need to be on. Now most people on the planet are going to be going to the median timeline because that’s the 5D layers of ascension, where people that pass their body will be primed and prepped, to undergo clearing of mind control and spiritual healing at various levels. Let’s say, for some people it’s better for them to drop their physical body and continue their consciousness journey development – they’re going to be directed towards the median timeline. And really, the darkest of the dark ones– the people that are really involved in the Satanic ritualing of child sacrifice, and that kind of behavior, that shadow identity will cease to exist. Some of the darkest of the dark – black magicians are going to be on the lower AI timeline. Most, or the majority of human beings, are going to be on the median ascension timeline. You’ve got to be feverishly working for the dark side to be on the lower AI timeline. But the issue is, is we’re going to see this timeline in action and it’s going to be very strange because it’s going to look like at times, possibly from your position in the field from what you’re viewing, that the AI timeline is progressing. Or it’s capturing people or whatever it is and then that can elicit fear and you’re thinking, “Is the AI timeline going to consume the Earth?” The answer is, “Absolutely not”. It’s over. The war is over in the higher realms. Now we’ve got to live through this part of the routing of the consciousness souls in the entire planet. Remember, no one’s being left behind but we’re going to enter a stage in this bifurcation where it’s going to get strange. And understand this, when and if something happens, that you come back to this recording (article) and you listen to it so that you get very clear about what we are living through and you do not succumb to the fear or the consciousness trap delusion that the lower AI timeline and the negative entities are winning because they are not. We’re just living through the spiritual warfare process at this time to vibrationally match the consciousness of identities to their proper timeline. We’re going to be co-existing in three main states of what we would say bifurcation, but instead it’s grown to three main layers. So I don’t know how to call it, possibly we could call it trifurcation states, all three simultaneously. What is important for us is to stay aligned on our personal ascension timeline and to not be confused by what we may see happening on the outer domain, again, what’s happening in the outer world. So let’s come for a moment and again I’m looking at all my notes. Let’s come to an understanding again of parallel systems, what’s happening in the bifurcation. Our important dates to come are 9-11 week and 9-28 to October 4th and then basically through the month of October. So that period of time there could be some wild anomalies or things going on in the outerscape as this is the tipping point of the timeline shift. There may be as well, some kind of emergency or a broadcast system – whether it’s spiritual connections, a spiritual emergency broadcast system or something else with surprises that come from the void space that we can’t see clearly right now. But again, this is time to again take stock in your personal life with situational awareness and prepare if you have children, if you have family, whatever it may be. Again, not with fear, and not with hoarding. We are not going to have a global situation like a Mad Max kind of Armageddon scenario. Now the issue is what I’m talking about from the position in the United States and from the position of people in most western countries. Obviously we have some horrible things going on, like what happened in Maui – that’s Armageddon program, right? Those living in Lahaina, they went through an Armageddon program, that was a genocidal, murderous plot in order to do a land grab there and we’ve established that they are going to continue to do that. The issue is how far will they succeed or not? Again, we mitigate and do as much damage control as we possibly can but what is important to comprehend is that if you understand what is happening, if you are awake and aware, this will not happen to you, because you are co-creating your organic timewave with God, with the Christos. You understand that we’re undergoing a Planetary Ascension. We are enduring the process of Planetary Liberation from Prison Planet. Sadly, we do have casualties, it’s horrible and it’s very sad. But we also cannot go into the descension of fear or panic because we’re afraid of whatever it is that may show itself. So again, be prepared for high weirdness, potential anomalies, and surprises from the void because we’re entering a very strange time between September 28th throughout October. Through the changes I’m explaining this now as it is going to be solidified and we’re going to be moving through these changes. Our planet and our body is under construction and we are living through the architectural shifts while inhabiting a physical body as it’s happening. Sometimes weird things happen and there are surprises. So again, don’t panic. There will not be a massive financial collapse where most people in western civilization are totally destitute, unable to function at all, or what-have-you. There are parallel systems in place now. The issue with not panicking is knowing that there is an answer to your problem if and when it arises and that you have the calmness and the wherewithal to center yourself in order to synchronize your intent, consent and authority or align yourself into what you know is real and true which is your connection with God. Your connection with your God Self is the most important relationship to have. That you know that your God Self – or God – is the organic timewave and if you can’t see the resolution to your problem, it’s not that it doesn’t exist, it’s because you cannot see it yet. Now what is being made as an emphasis, is that in order to get a resolution to your problem, there is an active level of inquiring and looking for solutions that instigates the action which synchronizes you to your organic timewave, so that you can find the answer to your problems.

This is a key component to remember and so let’s break this down a little bit as a practical action if and when or there are problems that arise. Or in your situational awareness, and you have to find a resolution to something. Or you have to respond to something that has occurred in your life, whether it’s your personal self or your family self or any other inter-personal, social relationships that you may have. First of all, it’s understanding, that in ES we always place an emphasis on setting the Law of Structure. Now, your Law of Structure is something that I guide you through with ES community tools, to strengthen yourselves every day. When you strengthen every day your Law of Structure it builds your inner core self. Okay, what that is, that’s your daily prayers, that’s your daily meditations. This is the sacred space when you call upon the Natural Laws of God. This is setting your intent, setting your consent and setting your consent to authority, right? This is very important now. When we interact with, let’s say, criminal systems and we give our consent to them, this can create a snafu or a problem in our manifestations because we have become in consent with a criminal system with antihuman agendas. In most cases, if your Law of Structure is in place, meaning your praying, you’re working your spiritual tools every day – this is like building a spiritual muscle, building strength where your consciousness and your body is attuned to your God Self, and to your Christ Self. This is the highest expression of where you’re moving through this consciousness journey and that Law of Structure’s being set every day like a muscle that you’re building when you pray, when you meditate, during any of your spiritual practices – no matter what you’re doing with ES tools. If you’re working with any of the tools here, you’re setting a Law of Structure with the Christos. You’re setting a Law of Structure with a Cosmic Sovereign Law of One. That is our mission statement, everything in our community is organized around this – we live it, we breathe it, this is our sole existence, to be in service to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One in the reclamation and service to the Christos Mission. When we strengthen this through our intent, consent and authority every day, this naturally puts us on the organic timewave. Now the issues that can come up are that if we tip over into fear, if we tip over into chaos, if we tip over into something that has our emotional buttons and we start to panic and we start to engage with a third dimensional (3D) control system that is a criminal system, this can interfere with our manifestations. So we need to be extra careful. Again, just be informed, wise, awake and aware to the fact that the 3D system is the control system and it is being heavily weaponized against us. Again, it’s very sad but that is what is happening, as the system in place must fall. That means, with certain 3D structures, we cannot rely on these structures to help us in most cases. Now sometimes, again God willing, God, our Guardians, our Teams, are going to help us navigate through in order to find a resolution to the problem. But in general, what I’m expressing is that you do not want to run to or engage with the 3D control systems because they are being weaponized against humanity. So that means no direct engagement to the best of your ability – and that, you do your best to stay low on the radar. You’re not rattling sabers or running into the criminal controller system because you think the legal system or medical system is going to save you, because right now it’s not. So when we set our prayers, when we set our meditations, you can purposely as well, set your intent, consent and authority. We’ve had many threads and some blogs talking about what we do not consent to and certainly that began with the plandemic, where we were saying we do not consent to this mass murder, we do not consent to this weaponization of the medical system, we do not consent to this bio-weapon. All of those are powerful words of you commanding your own personal space in your organic timewave which is your Law of Structure. The Law of Structure is the structure you create, the energy container you create for yourself with your 12D Christos shield and your prayers. That’s your energetic protection, as you’ve set a Law of Structure that is connected to the natural laws of God. Now that you have a foundation and you have your Law of Structure in place, let’s say a problem arises. There are some tools in ES of which you can use, let’s say, higher sensory perception where you’re doing an energetic scan of the problem. But if that is too complicated, at a very practical level you can, if and when a problem arises, first analyze the situation. Use some critical thinking and common sense. Get your situation awareness, analyze the situation and the problem and then once you understand what the problem is, inquire on the tasks in order to look for a solution. So think of the process that you’ve got your Law of Structure in place. A problem arises and this could be, emergency situation or chaotic stuff going on around you. Maybe you have to have to evacuate because there is flooding or something that’s going on where you live or work. Okay, calmly analyze the situation, analyze the problem. Go within in your personal shielding, understand that your prayer has set the Law of Structure and inquire and ask the question of spiritual guidance to inquire on your task at hand, so that you can look for the best and most effective solution for yourself, your family, and whatever else. Then, know that the solution exists on the organic timewave.

A lot of the time we have problems and then we go into a cycle of detrimental self-talk where we’re in fear or we’re worried or concerned because it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a resolution to our problem. This is what we must remember, that this is actually not true! That there is a resolution to our problems existing in the organic timewave – the issue is, is that we can’t see it yet, but in right timing it’s going to manifest itself. And when you participate with this process, it’s going to manifest in a more graceful and easy way for you because the surreal situation that we’re going to be living through is going to be, that you are going to get all your needs met in what needs to happen to support and protect you in that situation, while your neighbor may not. And that’s going to be very strange. And I explained this phenomenon a long, long time ago to the community when I was living in Malibu and there are a lot of fires in Malibu, California. And I was doing the 12D shield in the place I was living at that particular time. The fires were ravaging everywhere and it was so strange to come back to the house and see there was literally a large circle around the house I was living in and a few other houses were under the shield of protection, where a fire had ravaged through the tract homes but left ours unscathed. That is the kind of surreal situation that can happen in this anomaly of trifurcation that is occurring. And our goal is to not be scared or panicked if you see something happening to someone near you and think automatically it’s going to come and happen to you. And again, this is not about withdrawing our empathy, love and compassion from others, but it’s understanding first you take care of yourself and then inquire on the task, in order to look for the solution. Know that your solution has been already created and it’s already existing in the timeline, you just can’t see it yet, because it’s found in the organic timewave. God has not abandoned us. Our God Self has not abandoned us to this dire situation. We will be given what we need when we ask for it. We may not always get what we desire, when we make demands and are snapping our fingers that we want this-that-and-the-other, but with humility, we will get what we need to take care of ourselves and to take care of our families. The issue is, is to not panic and be scared because of whatever situation you may see in your environment. Instead, to calmly analyze the situation and problem, asking for direct guidance and inquiring on the tasks or actions that you have to take in order to find a solution. That means you have to actively energize the consciousness of your personal Law of Structure. The Law of Structure functions as your consciousness container. Where’s your consciousness being focused? Where’s your energy directed? You intentionally direct it into your Law of Structure by asking the question, taking an action through actively looking for a solution. Because again, when you inquire and ask a question, you go into meditation and you’re asking for inner guidance, as a consequence you’re performing an action. That action is a consciousness that enlivens and activates your Law of Structure, this is the foundation of your spiritual lightbody. So again, know the solution is on your organic timewave. Your solution is going to be with God, with Christ, however you pray in developing your direct relationship with God.

And again, the challenge we are all going to have – and we’re already undergoing this, we’ve been primed over the last few years – is seeing others suffer greatly. Because knowing this does not negate the horror of seeing deliberate attacks made against humanity, and the compassion and empathy that we feel for others that are greatly suffering. Whether it’s the recent events as an example, demonstrated in what happened to Maui and the people that were living in Lahaina – it’s utterly horrific. But when we are enduring some changes occurring in our personal world, possibly uprooting our personal lives, I’m hoping that this information will empower you to stay out of fear, to get out your “Don’t Panic!” button. Then start to understand that your solution, your resolution to problems exists in the organic timeline – organic timewave – that that you are consciously moving towards that, and you just haven’t seen it quite yet. It’s going to manifest for you and you’re going to get your needs met. So again, it’s the certainty of understanding that God has your back, God has an answer for you.

We know with certainty there’s an answer to the problem because God has got our back and we are co-existing in this world where we’re moving towards the organic timewave. And that organic timewave is going to be the location, it’s going to be the space, where we get the right answer to our problems. We’re not going to have this Armageddon scenario worldwide, the kind of situations that the cabal and the entities are attempting to get us to co-create with them. They’re trying to lure us into a consciousness trap that humanity is destined to suffer some kind of nuclear or solar devastation that comes with complete annihilation of the human race. This is something a lot of people are believing, whether it’s the solar event, that this is going to kill a lot of people on the surface of the Earth. This is not happening, that is a part of the 9-11 Armageddon software of the NAA. At the same time we have to have the calm, emotional maturity and willingness to see, that yes, there are people around us that are being exposed to these horrors and they are suffering terribly. Many do not understand how to connect with God and to find this organic timewave. Many do not know about the spiritual ascension process that we’re enduring as a planet and as a species, and that this spiritual warfare is going on. We need to be calm. We need to work our clearing negative ego tools, clearing fear that grips our mind, right? Be calm, be neutral, and find compassionate witnessing as the practical application in daily life. There are going to be times in the next cycle that we’re moving into now, where you will need to do more than saying prayers. You may need to inquire on the task at hand, and take an action. This isn’t something to worry about, I’m just asking you to pay attention to that inner guidance and the whispers you receive from inner spiritual guidance. Pay attention to asking the right questions in your situation, what tasks at hand that you are personally responsible for. God helps those spiritually connected and who are willing to help themselves. It means if and when, we have an action that we must take, we must listen to that guidance and act accordingly. And that means we may have to push through fear, push through resistance, maybe a form of inner struggle in order to understand that we have to take an action in this way so that we can energize our Law of Structure. So think of the Law of Structure that exists in your prayers, in your intents, in your spiritual practice – that’s your consciousness container. That’s the container of which your consciousness is projecting your organic timeline – your organic ascension timeline and it’s a part of your lightbody, it’s your consciousness. Now that you have the container with the Law of Structure that’s fully connected to communicate with God, fully connected to Christ, the Christos Mission, the Christos peoples, as a Christos person or, or what-have-you, then you energize your container with your actions, because you are directing the power of your consciousness into your Law of Structure in order to find solutions. To find what you need, that in itself is an active principle that you are collaborating with God – this is responsible co-creatorship. We are moving into a responsible co-creatorship now because that active principle now is being energized.

You have God as a partner in your life, and God is going to be leading you in different spaces and places during this phase, now you’re learning how that co-creatorship role actually works. This is the practical application of all you have learned thus far on the spiritual journey. And this is the structure of responsible co-creatorship that we’re moving into now. Thank you. May we end our discussion with a group prayer. And knowing that many people are having a very difficult time at this particular juncture, may we send GSF blessings.


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