More mass graves of children identified in Canada - War Crimes trial, independent digs to commence

In a special report issued today to the United Nations and select governments, the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) identified 29 more mass grave sites at former Indian residential schools and hospitals across Canada. The report also identified six modern body dumping sites on the west coast which reflect a "continuity of genocide" at work in Canada.

European and American groups are now helping the ITCCS and sovereign indigenous nations to convene a Canadian War Crimes Trial to prosecute the Canadian government, Catholic, Anglican and United churches and their aboriginal agents, and to conduct independent excavations at these sites.

Today's special report was delivered by ITCCS Canadian Field Secretary Kevin Annett/Eagle Strong Voice, who presents damning evidence showing the ongoing official coverup of which the Kamloops dig fiasco is but a recent example.

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