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Morley Robbins Part 3 - Copper vs Iron, Vitamin D, C, A, Zinc, and more

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In this episode, I am speaking with Morley Robbins about his novel hypothesis that chronic fatigue (and most chronic disease) is caused predominantly by copper and iron dysregulation.

This is a fascinating idea that I allow him to explore in-depth, while also pushing back a bit at times on the idea that health can be reduced to any kind of simple mineral issue. In this part 3, Morley will tie the previous episodes together and share the next steps to improve your health.

In this episode, Morley and I discuss:

Is ferritin really a good biomarker of health?

The pitfalls of consuming supplements

Blue light and how it affects our health

What high levels of uric acid indicate

Link to Part 1:

Link to Part 2:

Show Notes:

Chronic inflammation anemia versus iron deficiency anemia (02:50)

The prevalence of iron deficiency anemia misdiagnosis (13:37)

Why iron is problematic for health (16:56)

The healthy levels of ferritin (23:23)

How curcumin affects copper and iron levels (34:12)

Uric acid and blood sugar (40:04)

Is supplementing vitamins healthy? (53:30)

How blue light and EMFs affect health (1:28:50)


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