Morrison set to announce unvaccinated Australians to be added to domestic terror list

EZFKA PM Scott Morrison is expected to announce in the next few days that Australians who have not been vaccinated with the COVID vaccine, will be added to ASIO’s domestic terror watch list.

The bipartisan move comes as MP’s call for help after protests and general discontent among the populace grows. The unvaccinated will join religious groups, renters and the working-class poor on the watch list.

‘I’ve been approached by several state premiers to consider adding unvaccinated Australians to the domestic terror watch list and we plan to do exactly that,’ Morrison said.

‘We’ve already moved ahead with amendments to the Biosecurity Act at the federal level for prescribed categories of individual and the camps are being built as we speak, so it’s really just a matter of formality.’

A draft bill is being proposed and is expected to be introduced in to federal parliament next week.