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NanoTechnology Inside Our Supplements

More info on the issue with some Zeolite supplements. This person took a look at TRS brand Zeolite under the microscope and saw what she believes is nanotech.

Good morning and Happy Rainy Monday!!!

Many of my clients ask me to look into different Supplements that they are concerned about. This morning I have put another very popular Supplement on the stage of my microscope.

This did not impress me at all. My Faith is shaken. This is another Product that I Wholeheartedly believed in.

I endorsed this product as well and had it as a Binder in my Protocols. After finding the flashing Lights in Neumi I stopped endorsing anything that said Nanotechnology on the packaging. I’m glad I did. Below is how the TRS presented on my Microscope.

A lot of fellow Practitioners have been screaming about ZEOLITE being contaminated. I didn’t even want to look but here I am. Witnessing the same Blue flashing lights inside this Zeolite. Looks identical to the Neumi. Everyone has told me I just don’t understand this technology and that it is harmless. I’ve not read a single article that says nanotechnology is harmless, have you??

This company is claiming the same as Neumi. It’s just water encapsulated Nanotech. It delivers our products better and more efficient. Turns out this Zeolite is also synthetic, made in the Lab.

I don’t think I will be taking these products anymore either. Is nothing sacred??


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