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Nature's Bug Exterminator


If you enjoy using your backyard for summer get-togethers as well as a place to relax and enjoy nature, this info is for you.

Dragonflies serve as natural predators of mosquitoes, consuming them throughout their entire life cycle. On a daily basis, a single dragonfly can devour hundreds of mosquitoes. They also hunt other pesky, disease-carrying insects. These fascinating creatures are a delightful sight to behold in one's surroundings. Their affinity for vibrant blossoms and plants with sturdy perching spots attracts them. Noteworthy plant varieties that entice dragonflies encompass black-eyed Susan's, meadow sage, yarrow, and borage.

DID YOU KNOW? You Can Attract Dragonflies while Deterring Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water and can reproduce with minimal amounts available for their eggs and larvae. One effective approach is to maintain well-oxygenated water by incorporating plenty of oxygenating plants. Mosquitoes are deterred by higher oxygen levels since their natural predators rely on it and are more inclined to consume them.

By successfully attracting beautiful adult dragonflies to your yard, they will actively aid in natural mosquito control through their hunting activities allowing you to enjoy your backyard all through the summer months.

Dr. Edward Group, DC

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