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Neoliberalism was introduced into Australia under the Hawke/Keating Government - Senate 2.8.23

The Hawke Keating Government introduced many policies that destroyed Australia’s sovereignty.

• In 1983 Hawke got the High Court to rule that Foreign Treaties should override the State governments

•In 1985 Keating lifted all foreign capital controls allowing banks to borrow offshore and lend recklessly against houses pushing house prices from 4 times earnings to 12 times earnings today. This is turn forced two parents back to work and children into childcare.

•In 1985 the Button plan destroyed manufacturing

• In 1990 the Dawkins plan allowed everyone to go to university. This destroyed our skills sector and TAFE colleges. Our children become brainwashed with Marxism and were virtually bankrupt with HECs in their early 20’s. This is the reason why we also have high immigration today as we have to import migrants who are actually skilled in a trade.


Senator Renneck makes an additional good point here.

THE VOICE may just be a massive distraction while the real damage is being done behind the scenes.

Otherwise why would you keep flogging a dead horse on the front page that's losing support?

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