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New Israeli MoH study shows COVID vax increases your risk of death over time

March 9, 2023 • by Steve Kirsch

Executive summary

In an earlier post, I analyzed the Medicare data that the CDC refuses to disclose. I found that the COVID vaccines increase your risk of death over time.

Now, the Israeli Ministry of Health has covertly released a new study showing the same thing: that the COVID vaccines significantly increase your risk of death for at least 180 days post vaccination.

Here is an English-translated version of the study so you can read it for yourself. Note that many important details are omitted in the report.

The study shows the vaccine gradually increases the risk of death over time with a peak at 4 months from the shot. This is why it is so hard to see compared to a vaccine which causes a massive number of deaths shortly after the shot. But they don’t blame the vaccine. Instead, they claim that the increase in mortality is due to the healthy vaccinee effect (HVE). This is a “hand-waving argument” which has no evidentiary basis whatsoever (any HVE effect would be very small and very time limited).

The study also shows very clearly that the vaccines are increasing serious cardiovascular events in ages 12-29 after the shot with a peak on Day 3 that should not be ignored by anyone, but is being ignored by everyone including the people who wrote the study!

They wrote, “The results regarding cardiovascular events close to the vaccination did not indicate an excess risk 30 days after the vaccination.” Seriously?!? You’d have to be completely blind not to see the HUGE spike on Day 3 after the shot. This is a perfect example of gaslighting.

The only explanation that fits is that fits the evidence: the vaccine is increasing your risk of death over time just as I wrote two weeks ago in my article about the Medicare data and that the vaccine is causing cardiovascular events in young people.

The report

The report looked at all those vaccinated with two doses until the end of October 2021 (before the start of the Omicron wave) who died during the 60-day follow-up from the vaccination and who were not positive for corona (1815 cases) were included.

NOTE: They do not tell us how many cases were excluded. For example, many people get the vaccine and quickly get COVID and die.

Figure 1 shows the distribution of the number of deaths according to the duration of time since the vaccination.

Here is the first 60 days:

Figure 1. Day from shot #2 until death. For a safe vaccine, all the bars should be the same height. It’s supposed to be a completely flat line. Does this look flat to you?

It doesn’t to me.

The scientists can’t explain the huge rise from 10 to 20 deaths a day to over 70 deaths a day.

I can. It’s the vaccine. We saw the same effect in the Medicare data. The death rate kept increasing over time after you got the shot.

Was this unique to the Medicare data? I don’t think so. We’d see it in the overall death data as well, but NOBODY WILL RELEASE THE VAX-DEATH DATA TO ALLOW US TO LOOK as I’ve complained about in my earlier article on holding the data hostage. No health authority in the world will release this data. When you ask and offer to pay for it, they ghost you.

I’ve only found one county health official in the world who is going to do this. I have to keep her identity a secret of course until the data is out.

Deaths post-vaccination are supposed to be a flat line if the vaccine is safe

Deaths happen with a Poisson distribution. If you have a large population, it will be a completely flat line if you are measuring days after an event for a perfectly safe event that is evenly distributed over time.

These charts are from my Game Over article for two different vaccines: the flu vaccine and the pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine.

See how the lines are all FLAT?

Figure 2. Days to death from flu vaccine given in Q1 2021. Because this was computed for Q1, you will see seasonal variation in the curve, but even with that, you can see that it doesn’t vary that much.

Figure 3. Same as Fig 2 but for the pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine.. Same comments apply. If this weren’t restricted to Q1, you’d see a much flatter line.

The healthy vaccinee effect (HVE)

If you look closely, you can see that there is a slight rise in the slope for the first 20 days. That’s the HVE effect. It’s small (<20% reduction in deaths) and very short lived (<20 days).

The reason it occurs is that if you know you are going to die in a few days, you don’t get vaccinated with a vaccine.

For Medicare, this effect is larger because there are simply a larger number of people who know they only have a few days to live.

In the case of Israel, it was the entire population that was included in the study, the HVE effect is going to be a lot smaller.

In short, the HVE effect they are speculating in the paper doesn’t explain it at all.

The full death data

Here’s the whole 200 days worth of data from the paper. The death increase peaks at 4 months after injection of Dose #2 of Pfizer. This whole curve should have been flat.

This is why it is so hard to associate vaccine caused deaths with the vaccine: because the deaths are so spread out over time and do not happen right after vaccination.

Figure 4. This is an expanded version of Fig. 1. Your risk of death after shot #2 peaks at 4 months after the shot. If this were a safe vaccine, all the bars would be the SAME height.

The study also showed that the vaccines are causing kids to have heart attacks and die

Have you been wondering about all the young kids dying from heart attacks? Could they be caused by the vaccines? This new study shows absolutely that’s the case.

Figure 5. People 12 to 29 showing cardiac events post shot. See that peak on Day 3 at 31? According to the study authors, there is nothing to see here. Move along. Note: if this were a safe vaccine, all the bars would be the same height. Do these bars look the same height to you?

Again, if the vaccine is safe, the bars should be the same height. Do you see a problem on day 3? That’s CAUSALITY. There is no other way to explain it.

This is insane. I know the Canada data pretty well and not a single healthy kid in Canada ever died from COVID in the entire country for the whole pandemic. And Canada is a pretty big country (38M people).

So why are we vaccinating kids and giving them heart problems for no benefit? And this chart is only for certain coded hospital events. It doesn’t show young people who died from cardiovascular events after the vaccine in the hospital or at home. But it’s reasonable to assume that this chart is just the tip of the iceberg due to the limitations.

For more information

Here is MIT Professor Retsef Levi’s tweet:


The Medicare results were definitive: the vaccine increases your risk of death for months after the shot. It’s why the CDC refuses to release the death-vax records from Medicare (which are trivial to release) or the nationwide death-vax data (requires a little more work).

Now we have more confirmation. The Israeli Ministry of Health study shows us, once again, that the vaccine increases people’s risk of death over time. Their data shows that the death peak for Pfizer Dose #2 is 4 months after the shot.

Make no mistake: if this were a positive study, it would have been made publicly available and all the press in Israel would be reporting on it. Instead, they deliberately hid it behind a paid firewall where nobody could find it.

MIT Professor Retsef Levi was the first person to bring this important study to the public’s attention, not the Israeli Ministry of Health. Is it his responsibility to inform the public that the vaccines are unsafe?

This burying of the data is a tacit admission by the health authorities that the results are bad. It doesn’t get more explicit than that.

So now you know. The shots increase your risk of death and the health authorities don’t want you to know about it. Don’t expect the mainstream media anywhere in the world to touch this story.

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