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Our most controversial and important original film to date...

‘Children have been very seriously damaged’ admits Dr. David Bell, ex-Tavistock Governor and president of the British psychoanalytic society

About this event

ICKONIC - THE NEW MEDIA PRESENTS - An Ickonic Original Film - Directed By Charlotte Fantelli Film

We live in a society where reports of ‘gender dysphoria in Children are at levels never seen before, and what are our health services doing to protect these young people? In many cases, they’re giving kids as young as 9 the same drugs used to ‘chemically castrate sex offenders, does that sound a good idea to you?

Thousands of those who began transitioning and, in many cases, had major surgery are in their late teens/early twenties beginning to realize that the treatments they received are damaging them greatly and are now trying to reverse the process. Do you ever see them highlighted in the news as a warning to think long and hard about whether this is right for you or not?

In this film, we speak to multiple former Tavistock clinic doctors, whistle-blowers, lawyers, and even those who have been through the process of transitioning and know the cost all too well. Can we have a sensible conversation about protecting our Children before it’s too late? It’s already too late for some, once you’re on the train there is ‘No Turning Back?


The location for this venue will be sent to ticket holders 24 hours ahead of the event.

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