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Northern Rivers emergency sites are out of pet food

Northern Rivers emergency sites are out of pet food

"Koori Mail, Wyrallah Rd and Lifeline Lismore ALL have no pet food. They’re the 3 big hubs in Lismore, which still has no shops for 30k people. " - Clare

Repeat, Lismore still has no shops for 30 thousand people. Let that sink in for a sec

The same story is being repeated all across Coraki, Woodburn and many other flood support hubs in the area.

"I’ve had multiple hubs tell me this week that they can’t keep up with pet supplies and are running out frequently. there is just no way to get it. "

How you can help? Do what you did 8 weeks ago, again.

- If you live between Brisbane and Kempsey, fill your car/van with low cost bulk pet food and see drop sites at base of this email.

- If you dont have time, donate to ARC here

"It’s particularly essential for people who lost cars, because the nearest supermarket to Lismore is a 15min drive"

What is ARC doing? ARC is supporting the largest drops possible into the area of supplies, with several teams running flat out, but it isnt enough.

With the massive support of our partners we are keeping stocks in, but an army of food loads need to make there way to these sites quickly.

This is a marathon now. The sprint was done weeks ago, consistency and food is needed.

Wyrallah Road Food Bank

51 Wyrallah Road, Lismore

Koori Mail Flood Relief Hub,

11 Molesworth Street, Lismore.

Woodburn Hub at McGeary Bros.

9630 Pacific Hwy, Woodburn NSW 2472

For a comprehensive list of drop hubs visit here

If you are in Brisbane, Sydney hit this link and we will arrange a drop location for you -

Thank you for all your support and please spread the word

ARC - Animal Rescue Cooperative (

Help Animals impacted in the QLD NSW Floods

ARC is buying pumps, dry food, medical and supplies to help animals in need.

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