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Not many people are going to like what I have to say here, Lest we forget 🌹

David Oneegs. From my fb


"Not many people are going to like what I have to say here, but I’m going to say it anyway because I feel it’s the truth.

In fact, I know it is.

Anzac Day should be cancelled until honour and integrity is restored to this nation.

Let me explain why.

Australia is so completely infested with traitors, globalists and corrupt imposters, that we are now living in a banana republic.

A banana republic at war, however most of the people literally have no idea they are being lined up as fodder on the battlefield.

For the last three years, we have seen the most treasonous crimes against humanity rolled out amongst our people by the enemies of Australia.

“Who are those enemies?” I hear you ask.

The enemies of Australia are foreign organisations who are seeking to exert their influence, power and sinister agendas, while pretending to be our friends or allies.

These organisations work by infiltration, subversion and high level corruption.

The most well-known are the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organisation.

However, these are really just the facades for a clandestine evil empire, an empire that seeks to rule the entire world by the formation of a global government.

Australia is under attack and our people have never been in more grave danger.

A danger more perilous than we ever experienced during the first and second world wars.

Let’s remember that all the blood and sacrifice of the Anzacs was upon foreign shores, on foreign beach heads and tracks in distant lands.

But this war…this war is different.

This war is right here, right now… and happening right in front of our very eyes.

They infiltrated our media, our institutions and government, and in doing so, they never had to fire a shot to wound countless numbers of Australians…

because an oblivious and naive populace never in their wildest dreams, could have imagined and enemy so dark and deceptive.

This Anzac Day, how can we claim to honour the fallen of yesterday, while right now, this very day and this very moment…

we have untold numbers of our people harmed and killed by the quiet weapons in the silent war?

At present we have a “mystery” mortality rate that has increased by around 20%

We have not seen such levels of death and injury since the 1940s at the peak of WW2

The enemy’s propaganda machine that was once the Australian mainstream media, continues to hold the minds of our people captive to a lie that says;

“Every thing is ok… it’s just a baffling enigma.

Trust us, we are looking into it.

In the meantime, better get your booster.

By the way, they are free.”

There is a mass casualty event that is occurring right now, and it is deliberately being covered up and downplayed by the same people who orchestrated the crimes on our nation.

And today, we are claiming to honour and remember the mass casualty events of yesterday, while ignoring the one that is occurring right now.

This war is so very different.

No tanks were needed.

No shots were fired.

Our shores were not stormed by the invaders…because that was never necessary.

Why invade directly when you can use the media to induce such a level of fear, that people will voluntarily line up to be “shot” in the arm, mistakenly thinking that a mysterious potion will somehow save them?

This is the harsh and brutal reality of the conflict that rages in silence all around us.

The voices of patriots that scream to sound the alarm are demonised and hushed, and as the recently wounded cry out in pain and perplexity, they are ignored and shunned by a system that is stacked against them.

Right now, this very day, we have so many fallen among us as a result of senseless “health mandates” that had absolutely naught to do with anything pertaining to one’s well being.

And still, nothing is being done about it.

Crimes against humanity are continuing, and the invaders are tightening their grip on a nation asleep at the wheel.

So deeply asleep that our very own RSL participated and furthered the madness.

Honouring the legacy of our ancestors involves far more than attending a dawn service or sharing a post on social media.

Honouring them is to to embody and display the traits that made the Anzacs world renowned.





These are attributes that the Australian people have long forgotten, but kid themselves into thinking they have not.

When the boogieman came to our shores,mateship was annihilated.

They told us to keep 6 feet apart and cover our faces, and we did.

People turned on each other in a heart beat.

They dobbed their neighbours in and engaged in a level of dark ages fear and discrimination that we have never seen before.

There was no sacrifice either.

People were not willing to do without the dangled carrots of entertainment and diversion.

Our way of life was stripped away, and then used to coerce and entice us into participating in the mass experiments.

The people folded en masse.

They crumbled in fear.

They queued for hours for testing.

There was no strength to endure, no courage to stand up to the medical and institutional bullies.

Our nation cowered on it knees… somehow convinced that breathing fresh air was dangerous, but untested injections were not.

What madness.

What a dishonour.

Aussies masked up, scanned in and rolled up there sleeves… all the while convincing themselves that the fastest way to get their freedoms back, was to keep giving more of them away.

The censorship kicked in, the lies went on and on, and the people were utterly controlled by the one thing the Anzac suffered not;


Our enemies must have been stupefied by the ease which it all unfolded, and by the lack of resistance.

How did a nation that was renowned for its fighting spirit and legendary exploits on the battlefield, capitulate so feebly?

The answer is very simple;

Lest we FORGOT.

Australians have forgotten the larrikin, cheeky and defiant spirit of the Anzac.

Australians have become so completely comfortable and desperate for safety, that they fell for the alibis of the tyrants that used the promise of safety to deceive them.

Those who value safety over freedom, are destined to lose BOTH.

Their safety will be lost forever because they never confronted the enemy at the gates… and that enemy will enslave them mercilessly, their freedoms lost for ever… the sacrifice of the Anzac made in vain.

As the mortality rate skyrockets, as the media continues to fabricate, gaslight and embellish…

and as the government plans digital currencies and the eradication of cash, this nation is right on the verge of becoming unrecognisable.

A facial recognition economy… a medical apartheid and social credit technocracy, are all closer than most can even imagine.

Once the digital prison is built, it will become inescapable.

Today the same media machine that coerced and manipulated our people into becoming little more than lab rats for big pharma, will pretend to honour the memory and service of our fallen…

but they will refuse to share any truth as to the current war we find ourselves in…. and they will continue to urge more Australians to go out and take yet another “shot.”

Nor will they report on the staggering injury and death toll that they have contributed to.

Anzac Day should be halted immediately, until the enemies of Australia are removed.

The traitors, imposters and orchestrators must be held to account.

The WHO, the UN and the WEF must no longer be allowed to inflict their assaults on our people.

To turn a blind eye to their agendas, to wilfully ignore their plans while pretending to honour the courage and sacrifice, is the epitome of vacuous virtue signalling.

Virtue comes from standing in defiance of tyranny, and in remembering that all that is needed for evil to succeed, is for good people to do nothing… and standing by, playing two up and going to the pub this Anzac Day is just that;

doing nothing.

No one is asking anyone to run at a machine gun, a bayonet or enemy artillery.

But we are asking you to open your eyes and stop participating in the madness that is destroying the soul of Australia.

It is time for all Australians to find their voices and demand answers, accountability, truth and justice.

Now is not the time for empty words, odes and nostalgic platitudes of yesterday.

Now is the time for all Australians to realise, we are in a war for our very survival and our Anzacs would rather us fight to preserve our freedoms, than just let them be incrementally taken away forever.

When it comes to the foreign agendas and agencies of deceit,

Ask yourself;

“What would the Anzacs do?”

Would they be lining streets and going to the pubs, or would they defending their homeland from the invaders of Australia?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Time to remember.

Lest we forget" 🌹

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