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Ohio Chemical Spill--It's not what you think.

"My look at what was in the train, what it can do, and what it means..."


Editor's Comment:

This is worthwhile thinking about. It raises a lot of questions.

We also know that Mike Adams tends to thrive on sensational reporting but why would he be pushing the total evacuation of a population? As an "independent" scientist, does he really believe the scientific literature and conducted his own analysis of the chemistry and biological effects or does he take on board at face value, the "accepted" theories? Who is Eric Coppolino?

Has Merritt stumbled onto something very important here? Illusion, deception and black magic has been the MO for centuries.

We know from the virology scam, that an entire medical/scientific discipline and paradigm has been created, essentially out of thin air. Just to name one. We also know that humanity has been subjected to so much lying and deception that it's hard to tell where the BS ends and reality starts.

Serious food for thought.

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