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Open Letter To All The Criminally Complicit Genocidal Killers

Written by Joachim Hagopian

As an independent journalist for a decade now, I have heeded the call trying to provide truth to an increasingly truth-starved world amidst cancel culture insanity and the growing digital book-burning censorship.

Though I’ve exposed the global child sex trafficking network in an A-Z five-book volume series Pedophilia & Empire and written hundreds of articles published on extremely reputable alt-media news sites, my blogsite was deplatformed a week before Christmas by Google and my articles exposing the crime of the ages – the currently underway COVID genocide – have not been published by editors who previously posted virtually all my work.

And most recently, I’ve come to learn that because their hands appear to be tied, as a journalist I have been blacklisted.

Of course, I am just one among so many countless other patriots who’ve been censored, deplatformed and effectively silenced as victims of the same common fate. But we recognize that in this epic war of good versus evil, it’s a life and death fight to the finish, with the high stakes either the human race perishes or the genocidal controllers get vanquished once and for all. In the end, only one of us will still be standing, and my faith knows that truth and God will defeat our Luciferian enemy.

Though the fascist totalitarian regime operating globally may effectively be silencing our voices, the crime cabal has not beaten us at all. In fact, pushback in the streets growing worldwide demonstrates a resolute unified solidarity that neither humanity nor freedom will not go down without a fight.

I write these words today in response, putting all of you criminal cabal gatekeepers on notice that no matter how hard you try, the truth cannot and will not be stopped. In the name of America’s constitutional republic that guarantees our First Amendment rights of both freedom of speech and a free press, I defy your draconian tyranny bent on one world government enslavement.

You globalist murderers behind COVID, busily trying to criminalize us unvaccinated, truth seekers and medical freedom activists, will lose. Klaus Schwab, your Great Reset will never materialize as humanity is now onto your Luciferian wet dream.

As much as the censors at Google, other Big Tech and all six Big Media giants monopolizing over 90% of the world’s news and information outlets to 7.9 billion global inhabitants, continue to criminally suppress the truth, in the end, you will all fail miserably.

The fact that We the People of the world are fast reaching critical mass, realizing that the Big Pharma kill shots falsely claimed as “safe and effective” Covid-19 vaccines, have already killed and seriously injured millions of us around the globe, including children, will lead to your eminent downfall.

Rather than continue falsifying and suppressing what is already permanently and irreversibly already on record, as well as increasingly known every single day by hundreds of thousands of more citizens fast waking up to these shocking crimes against humanity, those guilty will neither be able to stop the truth nor escape justice.

We the citizens of this world are coming after you with a righteous vengeance and you will all pay for your murderous crimes, and rot in the hell of your own making.

Already there are scores of lawsuits exposing your unprecedented crimes of desperation. And though you continue lying in complete denial of even causing a single death from your bioweapons, and your puppet master overlords like George Soros continue stacking the courts with bribed leftist prosecutors within your corrupt and broken legal system, there still remain honest individual judges who will fairly weigh the overwhelming evidence presented against you, and you will soon be convicted as guilty perpetrators of brutal Satanic crimes.

On December 6th, 2021, German-American attorney Reiner Fuellmich and his legal team filed a case in the International Criminal Court at The Hague, investigating damaging evidence against 16 defendants, include Bill and Melinda Gates, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab and all the Big Pharma CEOs.

Meanwhile, as of December 20th, 2021, the Metropolitan Police of London are now investigating COVID crimes in yet another criminal complaint while in the United States, attorney Thomas Renz unloaded irrefutable criminal evidence in a hearing before Senator Ron Johnson.

All the ungodly truth coming out now will prevail, as will justice, and all of you major players within the crime cabal’s public and private sectors, we know who you are – Big Pharma, virtually every major national government leader and both world and national public health agencies, hospitals following Fauci’s lethal Covid-19 protocols, along with the corporate mainstream media and Big Tech, including the bloodline owners of BlackRock and Vanguard that own all of you monstrous criminals, you will all be going down SOONER THAN LATER in your Nuremberg 2 trials.

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