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Operation Warp Speed was a global military operation that seized control over entire medical and court systems

When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a “global health emergency of international concern” on January 30, 2020, the United States Department of Defense (DoD) was already prepared to seize control over entire medical and court systems in the U.S. and abroad. In unison, government and public health officials became militant in their responses -- shuttering and controlling the population's movement, assembly, education, worship, free enterprise, etc.

U.S. DoD conscripted pharmaceutical companies to carry out destructive medical experiments on the global population

Before a causative agent could be identified and isolated for an alleged global pandemic, pharmaceutical companies (Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson) were already being conscripted by the DoD to mass produce a genetic sequence for a new medical experiment that would be fraudulently carried out under the pretense of “vaccination.” Using manipulation, bribery, subjugation, coercion and force, this DoD program militantly maximized population compliance with this experiment. The U.S. President at the time went along with the program and even bragged about being its architect.

Lock downs, stay-at-home orders, the suspension of parental rights, mass distribution of fraudulent testing programs, unlawful mandates and various money laundering operations were used to compel mass obedience to this medical experiment in order to “return to normal.” This medical experiment was a military operation from the start, and various aspects of it were coordinated in 2019 by members of the World Economic Forum at Event 201.

This pre-planned vaccine program was designed to reprogram the protein synthesis of human cells, introducing the lab-engineered spike proteins into the human body (with catastrophic results). The pharmaceutical companies were just pawns in a grander scheme of population control. Their so-called vaccines were granted emergency use authorization without proper animal testing, while causing various medical injuries during the botched 2020-2021 rollout. The ineffectiveness of this program was realized a year later, when a two-dose protocol for “full vaccination” was scrapped and replaced with multiple “boosters.”

U.S. DoD seized Australian institutions to implement global medical experiment

The DoD used Operation Warp Speed to seize control over other country’s health institutions. For example, Australia's entire public health and medical infrastructure was seized, and citizens were forced to live in a medical Apartheid, with quarantine camps. A group of Australian scientists, doctors and medical academics are now calling out the DoD for seizing Australia’s institutions. The group, led by Phillip Altman, claim that the U.S. DoD “had a dominant role in the response to the SARs CoV2 virus and the subsequent development, manufacture and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines.”

The DoD manufactured these biological weapons for mass distribution as “vaccines.” The DoD not only managed distribution, but they also owned the vials and designed the sham clinical trials. Even though Pfizer engaged in mass medical malfeasance, the multinational corporation claims they are protected by the DoD because they were just one of the companies who were paid by the DoD to conduct “large scale manufacturing demonstrations.” A Pfizer lawsuit claims the company is immune from malfeasance claims because the DoD knew these large-scale manufacturing demonstrations were fraudulent. All the vaccine manufacturers lacked the capacity to produce the injections on their own and therefore depended on the oversight of the DoD’s Operation Warp Speed program.

The DoD created the impression that normal regulatory processes were followed during the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines; however, the program bypassed fundamental regulatory frameworks just to force the products on the global population. The DoD also subverted the rule of law, guaranteeing that their operation was shielded from liability. Their pharmaceutical counterparts were granted an immunity shield in their contracts with governments around the globe. By poising their operation above the law, the DoD and regulatory authorities deceived the public about “safe and effective” vaccines. Government officials repeatedly assured the citizenry that there was adequate oversight to ensure safety and efficacy, even though the medical experiment was being carried out on populations in real time, with no scientific standards or integrity.

Altman and his co-authors claim that the U.S. military’s involvement in this global medical experiment was a clandestine operation, and the American and Australian people do not fully understand the planning that went into it and the lack of oversight that occurred during a militant experimental vaccine rollout that yielded vast medical errors.

“The U.S. DoD clearly perceived a threat to national security and all decisions from that point onward to the present day were subject to full command and control from them,” they write. “Many adverse consequences have been the outcome of this secret military response to a public health matter.”

The coverup of SARS-CoV-2 origins by government officials, the NIH, the FBI, the DoD, the CIA, the corporate media and the Silicon Valley censors, has everything to do with covering up this planned global military experiment on populations around the globe.

The question now is: What multinational organizations infiltrated and pressured the DoD to carry out this global medical experiment? Why was the U.S. military turned against itself and forced to injure populations and purge its most courageous and healthy service members?


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