Our Country - by a concerned fella

Our Country - by a concerned fella

The love of power and control,

Of causing grief and pain,

Of deadly vaccinations

Is running in your veins.

Strong love of evil lockdowns,

And ignoring the oppressed cries

WE SEE YOU, and cannot bare it,

Our love is otherwise.

We love our sunburnt country,

A land of freedom for the people,

Of mates from many nations,

Gathered under hearth and steeple.

We love her far horizons,

We love her jewel-sea,

Through honest and hard work

Our land of opportunity!

We are calling to all true-blue patriots,

To stand against tyranny as we raise an alarm,

We call to any office bound executive,

Or worker on our farms,

To our truckies on the highways

And our miners in the trench,

To our educators in our schools,

And lawyers on the bench.

Core of our heart, our country!

Her pitiless blue sky,

When, sick at heart, around us

We have seen our vulnerable die

But then the ANZACs gather,

And we can bless again

The coming of an army,

To fight your eminent domain.

Core of our heart, our country!

Her people are it’s gold,

And for imposing restrictions on us

We will pay you back threefold.

Over the social media channels,

Watch, after many days,

The growing army of solidarity

That strengthens as we gaze ...

An opal-hearted country,

Our great southern land

All you who have not loved her,

You will not understand

For those here imposing tyranny,

We will stand up to you even if we die,

Because the only way to defeat your evil

Is to ensure we DON’T comply.