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Plan to legalise cannabis in Australia

Legalising cannabis could generate tens of billions in revenue, enabling big dole increase, Greens argue

Legalising cannabis could generate $28 billion in taxes — and allow the government to increase the dole by $80 a week.

Despite the skewed studies on this absolute fact, the legalisation of marijuana has led to increased crime rates in every place it has been legalised. Multiple studies can be found to this effect, notably studies from Oregon spanning from 2007-2017.

This isn’t about the benefits of CBD, because if that’s what it was - we’d be talking about just legalising CBD. This is about encouraging the use of drugs to further ruin society and drive government profits from doing so.

Multiple actions across the world are underway to legalise other recreational drugs, with Australia debating legalising ecstasy for some time.

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