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Planned Kill Off Of The Vaccinated To Begin! Guest Dr. Bryan Ardis

Dr. Bryan Ardis, founder and CEO of Ardis Labs was the first doctor in America to blow the whistle on Remdesivir – the Non-Approved FDA drug that Anthony Fauci made a protocol in all Hospitals, which as we all know is literally killing people. He has also been a pioneer in researching and uncovering the origins of Covid-19 and who may have created it.

He made headlines in the Watch the Water documentary where Dr. Ardis lays out the evidence that the composition of Covid-19 actually comes from snake venom. Dr. Ardis has teamed up with Dr. Tau Braun and their research suggests the vaccinated are in danger for their lives.


I have summarised the most important points from this interview below.

The connections are mind blowing!


* Dr Bryan Ardis communicated with Dr Tau Braun, both of whom linked snake venom to Covid-19.

* "Watch the Water" documentary for context

* Dr Tau Braun, US National Counter Terrorism Unit wrote a letter to the FBI informing them of this gain of function weaponizing of venoms. Tau Braun contracts for FBI and CIA agents and his job is to prevent mass killings and educate the agents on how to recognise, even with biological agents, the cause of the killings and how to prevent it.

* The FBI did not respond but Dr Peter McCulloch intervened in trying to stop Dr Tau Braun discussing this within a group of medical scientists, doctors and lawyers called the C-19 Group, by throwing him out.

* Synthetic venom peptides have been manufactured and put into the water supply for decades.

* Secondary water delivery infrastructure has been created in every city to remote control valves for every home. A perfect setup for pandemics can be used to target specific communities like Zeb Zelenko's Jewish community in NY, a Eugenics program that targeted10,000 jews in NY.

* The mass die off hasn't even started yet. They've primed huge populations with the covid shots. The aerosolising of venoms over populated areas, subways, aeroplanes, schools, universities, work places etc through air systems by released powdered forms of venoms.

* Cobra toxin is the spike protein causing Covid-19. Symptoms of Cobra venom and Covid-19 are identical.

* Only those vaccinated will be severely affected. When the venom contaminated air hits the lung tissue (alveoli) it will rupture the alveoli and cause bleeding in the lungs, which will form scar tissue and drowning resulting in pulmonary fibrosis. So only the vaccinated will die. Bleeding and drowning in your own blood? Does it sound like Ebola?

* Published research paper - "Conotoxins: Potential Weapons From The Sea:" The most lethal effect on humans is muscle paralysis of the diaphragm causing respiratory arrest. At risk of use for terrorism as it can be dropped from the air.

* In June 2020 Italian researchers found conotoxins in the faeces and blood of every covid patient, which was published in July 2020. They found 16 different shell fish toxins and 20 types of snake venom that can cause respiratory arrest. They were found only in Covid-19 patients.

* In 1979 synthetic conotoxins began to be mass produced to make drugs.

* WEF website contains pages of resources on conotoxin and snake venom and how scientists are working to develop drugs from conotoxins for the benefit of mankind.

* Millions of people taking patented drugs made from snail venoms, like Prailt (Ziconotide), used for severe and chronic pain since 1981. WEF Page showing Life Saving drugs from Snake Venom. eg High Blood Pressure drug Lisinopril, made from Brazil Viper snake venom. Captopril is half of Lisinopril - hence the horrendous side effects of drugs.

* Nerve Growth Factor and Epidermal Growth Factor from snake venom causes tumour growth and cancer. So, they're using venom to cause cancer and also developing drugs from venom to reduce the growth of tumours. Snake venom has 2 components, a coagulant and an anticoagulant. Hence the business model.

* Cancer industry is based on venoms and their ability to cause cancerous growths and they're manipulating and isolating venom peptides from other animals that will target those same venoms, so manipulating our physiology with venoms.

* WEF are investing in Scorpion venom research - making drugs to treat cancer from scorpion venom.

* England is producing so much scorpion venom synthetically in labs in a powder form and dropping it from crop dusters onto farms using as an insecticide. Scorpions eat insects and inject their venom to kill them.

* mRNA is venom technology. Snake venom and mRNA research. Over 400 peer reviewed articles.

* Study - "Unusual Stability of mRNA in Snake Venom" - it is the most stable mRNA

* PCR test is used solely in research to identify venom genes. So why force the whole world to use a venom detecting PCR test? Because they were unleashing snake venom peptides onto the whole world.

* Genentech Company published an article in January 2020, showing they had spent 10 years mapping out the gene sequences of all the venoms in King Cobras. Of the 139 toxins of the King Cobra venom, they have mapped out and isolated 19 specifically venome targeting toxins. There are 19 organ specific toxins that cobras and other snakes make that target and kill their prey.

* Genetech was purchased in 2011 by Gilead who make Remdesivir. Remdesivir is made from snake venom.

* Snake venom mRNA is the most stable in nature. They then took snake mRNA and wrapped it in hydrogel which made it even more stable.

* Nanoparticle hydrogel component inside the shots. They then wrapped the hydrogel in

Dynabeads (magnetic separation technology). Notice that everyone taking the shots were suddenly magnetised.

* Dynabeads is a patented technology from Thermo Fisher Scientific published in research studies of the covid shots, called superparamagnets which are all like charged so repel each other when injected. Researched since 2009, paid for by Fauci's department.

* Snake venom phosphodiasterase was used to cleave the RNA and DNA. It's all in the research papers.

* Elevated D-Dimer tests are used for blood clotting indication. "How to interpret elevated D- Dimers" search in Medscape - reveals what to look for with elevated D-Dimer tests. Snake venom poisoning is listed as a cause. Most covid patients have elevated D-Dimers.

* Who created the mRNA shots? Not Robert Malone. Two scientists Drew Wiessman and Katalin Kariko who are receiving monthly royalty cheques on the shots. Their names are on the patents of covid-19 vaccines. The only ones funded by Fauci since 2009 to do mRNA gene editing therapy using snake venom.

* Snake venom phosphodiasterase is the only component of snake venom that predigests the animal's organs.

* Diabetics are being specifically targeted. 94% of those who died from Covid died with comorbidities. On average 4 diseases. Most were diabetic. They figured how to target diabetics with a poison venom that will only kill diabetics.

* Native Americans were the number one race dying of covid which was never acknowledged by the media. Also blacks and Hispanics.

* What race of people in America have the highest rate of diabetes? Native Americans and Eskimos.

* How they target diabetics. Sub lethal doses of venom causes some respiratory distress but does not kill the relatively healthy. However, Sub lethal doses of venom given to diabetics causes hyperinsulinaemia, the venom targets the pancreas, glucose levels plummet with hypoglycaemia then coma, and death.

* Native reservations have been sent specific batches of vaccines to target the populations.

The most published terms in research related to covid-19 are "diabetes" and "blood glucose".

* Native Americans happen to own much land and resources. This is similar to Australia where

Aborigines, who have a very high incidence of diabetes, have been ruthlessly targeted for vaccination.

* Snake venoms have only been found in the blood and faeces of Covid patients, ie who tested positive PCR.

* University of Arizona ran blood from 300 covid patients who died to see what they had in common. They titled the study "Like venom coursing through the body- Researchers identify mechanism driving covid19 mortality". They found 20 x normal level of something found in rattlesnake venom - phospholipase A2.

* This study stated that phospholipase A2 was first discovered and isolated in the King Cobra.

* Spike protein is another name for snake venom peptide. They took the Na (sodium) out and replaced it with pi. Snake venom = spike protein.

* Snake venom depletes sodium from the human body and shuts down the kidneys and heart to stop functioning.

* Remdesivir is made from snake venom also shuts down the kidneys.

* Heparin or Warfarin (anticoagulants) don't stop the clotting in Covid patients. They also have no effect on clotting from snake venoms. But NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) does!

* This is why the FDA stated that it was going to stop the sale of NAC by supplement companies and change its category from a supplement to a prescription drug.

* The historical Latin meaning of virus is poison or venom.

* CNN report in 2020 that "snake venom can now be made in a lab - CNN. Without any snakes and so there is mass production as an insecticide.

* The order of protective agent against venoms: Nicotine, Extract from Mucuna Pruriens (Velvet Bean plant), NAC, Selenium, Ivermectin and HCQ

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