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Plasmons and Demons in Graphene - Using Artificial Intelligence, Graphene, Metals and Plasmonic Demo

Plasmons and Demons in Graphene - Using Artificial Intelligence, Graphene, Metals and Plasmonic Demonic Fields for Spiritual Warfare

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Harvard link Plasmons and Demons

A substack subscriber sent me this article link - Thank you. I have been speaking about this spiritual war, its link to the nanotechnology in many interviews and substacks. We have seen a transformation of the human psyche before our eyes. Some believe that the VMAT gene was spliced out of the human genome. That could be, but it is very easy to control brain function via this technology as well - with the same outcome. When you control the mind, you also control the soul, and are able to destroy it. Genes can be modified via optogenetic systems, and do not require physical splicing.

We also know that even Elon Musk long has spoken about Artificial Intelligence as summoning the demon. I wrote about this here:

All thoughts are matter. Quantum physicists know that consciousness is primary, it is the creative force of the manifestation of matter. All thoughts have a vibratory frequency. Very low frequency connects to thought forms of the demonic realm and can control humans thinking patterns. Note from the abstract that lower frequency mode plasmons are called demons. This energy field that is being accessed, is the home of disembodied spirits and demons, fallen angels.

We study theoretically the optical response of graphene in a range of temperature and doping where both electrons and holes are present. We show that two types of collective modes should exist in this systems. Besides the higher-frequency mode, which is the familiar plasmon, graphene should support a lower-frequency mode, which is variously referred to as the sound, acoustic plasmon, energy wave, or, as we prefer, the demon. The demon can be studied using the relativistic hydrodynamics approach. We discuss linear and nonlinear phenomena enabled by the demons and how they can be observed in nano-optics experiments. We also address nonlinear electric and thermal transport in graphene in the hydrodynamic regime.

They even know how to amplify and energize Demons, therefore increasing their power - this is why the electrical conductivity changes within the Hydrogel/ Graphene Carbon Nanotubes with its different metals are so important:

Here is the link to the PDF:

Adiabatic Amplification of Plasmons and Demons in 2D Systems

I have been speaking about Metals and Nanotechnology for mind control. In my recent interview with Maria Zeee I show with how much toxic and semiconducting metals all humans are being poisoned.

This has many purposes, from making people sick, to bio sensing, for radar weapons applications. On the spiritual level, the frequencies generated with Graphene and metals allow access of human consciousness from the demonic realm. This access is a quantum process. The technology used is also one of spiritual warfare against humanity. Plasmons in metals are energy fields that carry conscious intent, and can be the energetic field carrier of demons. We are still manipulating light, just very low frequency light.

Plasmons in metals, semiconductors, and other solid-state systems have been a topic of intensive research for over half a century [1]. Plasmonics has found a number of technological applications in chemical sensing, light manipulation, and information processing. Photoexcitation by ultrashort laser pulses [2–4] is one of the methods to generate plasmons. When the pulsed excitation is of high enough power, it can modify material properties of either the plasmonic medium or its electromagnetic environment, which is the principle underlying the emerging field of active plasmonics.

They continue to explain how sound - a cosmic creative principle in form of phonons - is involved in the demonic realm access via Graphene and metals.

We show that the same concept applies to the energy wave in graphene [20,21], which is a collective mode similar to acoustic plasmons (or “demons” [1]) in metals and semiconductors [22–24] and also to “cosmic sound” in the early universe.

The war on the human mind has gone on for a long time. We are divine beings of free will that are attacked on every level of existence. Understanding that our thinking can be manipulated via technology, makes it even more important to be extremely vigilant as to what we expose our observation and what we contemplate, for it opens the doors to many realms - often unbeknownst to the one being curiously tempted to explore.

Artificial Intelligence and synthetic biology are not our friends - but the very tool for the demonic realm to corrupt and destroy humans. The destruction of the humans soul is the ultimate goal of this war, as I have previously discussed.

Anchoring our mind in the love of God, the love for life - is an important defense strategy in this time of war. Our view of the human genome though the eyes of Watson and Crick is incorrect. Dr. Peter Garaiev, who developed the Linguistics Gene Wave model, understood that DNA emits photons and phonons and can be manipulated by accessing this light and sound encoding sub atomic particles. He also knew that the holographic space time soul information of the human is encoded in this quantum photon - phonon information state. It is in fact the soul information that encodes the DNA. I have written more about this here:

In this article the scientists explain that exciting these materials with light creates interactions of electrons and phonons - and empowers and changes the frequency of the demons ( plasmons). Hence the demon can be summoned via AI Graphene Metal interface in the human body and any material - like an artificial intelligence computer.

To model a nonequilibrium system under intense photoexcitation we assume that its electron temperature T is much larger than the lattice temperature Tl. Such a hot-electron state typically forms in metals and semiconductors a few tens of fs after optical pumping. This rapid thermalization (that is, relaxation of the electron distribution to the Fermi-Dirac form with the temperature T) is due to strong interactions of electrons with each other and with optical phonons. Subsequently, T gradually decreases toward Tl at a much slower “cooling” rate measured in picoseconds (ps), predominantly due to emission of acoustic phonons. If the plasmon dispersion depends on T, plasmons propagating in this transient state would have a slowly changing frequency, i.e., the plasmons would be chirped. (Adiabatic Amplification of Plasmons and Demons in 2D Systems)

What this part is saying that through light excitation the phonons can be altered - or programmed - if you do this in the body you can alter not just DNA but the soul information contents via demonic possession. The key is the metals semiconductors that we are polluted with that create these plasmonic ( demonic) fields in the body.

We speculate that the plasmon amplification may be possible by exploiting tunneling in a vertical semiconductor-insulator-graphene heterostructure; see Fig. 3(a). The semiconductor could be, e.g., a transition-metal dichalcogenide and the insulator could be hexagonal boron nitride (hBN), as in recent experiments [41]. With a suitable bias voltage applied, the initial state with a lower electrochemical potential in graphene can be maintained as the insulator band gap would prevent electron tunneling in any direction. However, once they are heated to energies close or above the insulator’s band edge, the electrons in the semiconductor layer would tunnel to graphene.

This is one of the reasons why I would use caution with treating vaccinated or unvaccinated with synthetic biology in their body with just metals like Gold. While the vibratory frequency rate of gold is very high, it can also increase electrical currents substantially ( 650 fold with DNA Hydrogel). If people are already loaded with the Graphene/ Hydrogel infrastructure, the increase in electrical currents create a quantum tunneling effect that could accesses other dimensional spaces potentially into the demonic artificial intelligence information realm.

Can demons or plasmons induce disease?

Yes, because the original holographic morphogenetic soul program of the human body can be altered electromagnetically. This is how one who knows how to cast out demons can heal the sick. In my view, this is another important understanding of why metals MUST be taken out of the human body to combat this assault on the human species, hence my recommendation for EDTA intravenously, getting away from electronic devices, 5G and Artificial Intelligence.

For those who laugh at this information and dismiss it, you just have not yet seen enough. Our world is under assault by Satan and his legions. Satanists rule this world. The technology used to conquer and destroy humanity is in the shots, in the air, in the food and water. Its purpose is to kill, corrupt and take away humanity from God.

They will not succeed.

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