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POISON mRNA MEAT EXPOSED! - They Want To Vaccinate Your FOOD! - MASS Genocide!

UNFORTUNATELY, it's true folks.

Farmers in NSW have confirmed it.

The NSW Government has ALREADY made it compulsory for any LIVESTOCK going through SALE at Stock Yards needs to be VACCINATED and BIO-TAGGED.

So, in fact, WE who have worked so hard to NOT get vaccinated are having our food supply randomly injected with mRNA now for at least SIX MONTHS.

ALL DAIRY, Cheese, MILK, Beef, Chickens, Eggs, Pork now has to be considered TAINTED and UNSAFE.

- We cannot buy stuff from SUPERMARKETS.

- NO more TAKE-AWAY Fast Food.


If you dont GROW it yourself, then DONT EAT IT.

We must now CONFIRM for OURSELVES (by speaking to the local butcher directly) that food is FULLY ORGANIC and ORGANICALLY SOURCED.

Sorry for the bad news.

NO TIME LEFT. We must NOW in earnest start to FORM CLOSE COLLECTIVES/COMMUNITIES, also BUY farmland, GO bush, and do the serious PREPPER thing.

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