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Prof. Norman Fenton: Globalists have captured all of the institutions, they’ve got control over ever

Prof. Norman Fenton: Globalists have captured all of the institutions, they’ve got control over everything

Professor Norman Fenton described how he got cancelled because he pointed to the factual errors of the covid narrative in a recent Freedom Research Podcast. He also talked about the hypocrisy surrounding the climate change movement.

Norman Fenton is a mathematician and a Professor Emeritus of Risk at Queen Mary University of London (retired as Full Professor Dec 2022). He is considered a leading expert in probabilistic risk assessment. He has published 7 books and over 400 peer-reviewed articles. He is also a Director of Agena, a company that specialises in artificial intelligence and Bayesian probabilistic reasoning.

Since 2020 he has been analysing data related to the covid pandemic. With his colleague Professor Martin Neil and others, he has researched a variety of pandemic-related topics and written about them – e.g., vaccine safety, excess deaths, covid lethality and flaws in the data presented by the governments. Profs. Fenton and Neil’s Substack page is titled ‘Where are the numbers?‘. They have also published articles about their work HERE.

Exposing the official covid narrative is one of the reasons for getting cancelled in today’s world, Prof. Fenton explained in his discussion with the host of Freedom Research Podcast, Hannes Sarv. Prof. Fenton was also one of the presenters of the 2015 BBC 4 climate documentary Climate Change by Numbers so he’s qualified to comment on the so-called climate catastrophe of “global boiling.”

We’ve highlighted some of the discussion below. We were unable to embed the video within this article but you can watch the 60-minute interview with Prof. Fenton HERE.

Prof. Fenton has been tweeting about “Global Boiling” that is not “global boiling.” Global Boiling has not yet come to the UK. “We’ve had one of the coldest and wettest Julys for a long time …

At the beginning of July, they were forecasting boiling temperatures throughout the UK for July. So, they couldn’t even get those short-term forecasts right … This almost fanatic[al] PsyOps operation that’s going on at the moment to convince the world that everybody’s boiling and we’re all about to die of this heatwave, it’s kind of ridiculous,” he told Sarv. Adding that it does bring into question how accurate any of their predictions are. But speaking out against the climate change hoax is not the reason Prof. Fenton has been literally cancelled.

He was invited by the National Health Service (“NHS”) to make a presentation at the inaugural Health and Care Analytics Conference held in July and organised by the NHS’s Strategy Group and four NHS Commissioning Support Units. The conference was all about using artificial intelligence and statistical methods in healthcare which is Prof. Fenton’s area of expertise.

On 16 June, in a Tweet that has since been deleted, Health and Care Analytics Conference 2023 (“HACA2023”) said: “ We are excited to have another HACA2023 e-lab open for registrations – the brilliant Prof. Fenton will be sharing his expert knowledge on Bayesian networks and how they can improve your decision quality. Get your tickets here.”

Further reading: NHS Conference Cancels Presentation by Risk Expert Professor Norman Fenton Over “Twitter Vaccine Controversy”

Prof. Fenton was neither offered nor requested a fee to give this presentation. He was doing it free of charge. After he had spent quite a lot of effort preparing the new material, he got an email from the person who had originally invited him to give the presentation informing him that his session had been cancelled:

Prof. Fenton and the inviter had regular correspondence before this cancellation email about the content of his presentation. “What I was going to talk about had nothing to with, there was no mention of covid or vaccinations,” Prof. Fenton said. After the cancellation email, Prof. Fenton attempted to find out what was going on, but “I never got a reply, they stopped talking to me,” he said. He also approached the conference co-chair, Ben Goldacre, and got “absolutely no response.”

After word got out that Prof. Fenton’s session had been cancelled, several people complained to the University of Birmingham which was hosting the event. The University’s response, a pre-written standard response, was that the decision to cancel had nothing to do with them and was the decision of the Conference organisers.

So, Prof Fenton submitted subject access requests to the University of Birmingham and the organisers. “To date, I still haven’t had any response from the NHS groups. But we have had, interestingly enough, a response from Birmingham University,” he said. The University’s response consists of 12 pages of mainly redacted email correspondence.

Although it’s redacted, Prof Fenton said, they say things like “we were alerted to this [anti-covid vaccine] by his Twitter profile” and “an initial decision was made to uninvite him and were called out on Twitter about it and there was a medium-sized Twitter backlash which we’re ignoring (if he contacts us directly we’ll respond.”

And then there’s an interesting string of emails in the day before and then in the minutes immediately before they decided to cancel Prof. Fenton’s session. It said: “This is causing problems,” and, “We’ve had a tricky email from Norman himself,” which is curious because this was before he was cancelled. Another email said: “We can reply to say that we weren’t involved in this decision, our only involvement was to remove him from the programme.”

On 20 June, an email sent at 15:43 said: “Someone has just flagged on Twitter that Professor Fenton is a hardcore anti-vaxxer.” Literally, Prof Fenton said, 23 minutes after that, he received the email confirming his cancellation. He explained:

“This is [ ] the latest in a long line of attacks, not just on my freedom of expression, but all of those who basically come out and counter the official covid narrative … As soon as I started in early 2020 to show that the covid narrative, including the lockdowns as well, was driven by flawed and easily manipulated statics and data – I was immediately called a ‘conspiracy theorist’. I was also called, publicly, a rabid disinformation merchant by other senior academic colleagues.

“And from that point on … essentially all the papers we try to get published on this … the papers weren’t even getting reviewed … they were even being rejected from the pre-print servers … What was happening, even papers where I was co-author and had nothing to do with covid … I had clinical academic colleagues demanding that either their names be removed if I was a co-author on a paper or I be removed as a co-author.

“When you take all of these things together it just exposes the big lie of it all … [the globalists] have captured all of the institutions. It’s not just the mainstream media, it’s academia, the legal system, everything. They’ve got control over everything.”

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