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By Kerry Cassidy November 30, 2022

What happens when you have the solution. You have the evidence, the proof. It’s game over. Or is it?

One thing my interview with Loy Brunson outed is that the good guys don’t really want to reach the finish line just yet. The brothers took the direct simple approach. We have clear proof that our officers of government, Congress and Senate by and large are traitors. They didn’t defend us or our right to vote. They didn’t defend the constitution. And during the 2020 Election they demonstrated willful negligence in essence TREASON and there was a clear BREACH OF OUR NATIONAL SECURITY FROM WITHIN OUR GOVERNMENT. It is documented and incontrovertible.

The Q/Military white hats have the BLOCK CHAIN EVIDENCE OF THE STEAL OF 2020 and the more recent MID-TERMS. And they have even stated so publicly. So why you must be asking yourself is this game of thrones still going on with the Biden/Double/Clone acting like a dictator being backed and run by the white hats to do any and every little dastardly deed they can possibly think of… Continuing to threaten the economy and violate our borders letting in alien human hybrids (part of the Grey AI Overlord agenda) setting us up for the X-MEN WARS IN THE FUTURE… now that their minions are in place all around the U.S. The “Alliance” is busy rounding up bad guys, covens, deep in underground bases…battling the alien overlords in their nests rescuing children that are able to be saved and still searching for the Lynch-pins. The dark lords in hiding and trying to figure out how to flush them out.

Along come 3 brothers with a lawsuit so pure and simple and telling it like it is about the CRIME… dereliction of duty by most of Senate and House, the Executive Branch under Biden and numerous unnamed minions who are just as guilty of collusion with the invaders (CCP, Italy, Germany, CIA, the Vatican, MI6, and the list goes on).

So when the Supreme Court, which has over the past over 2 years demonstrated it is patently against Trump and the white hats and shot down most if not all cases of election fraud brought before it…. Suddenly admits the Brunson case for consideration. You have to ask why? Why this case. And naturally it arrogantly considers that IMMUNITY will be sufficient to make the case dead in the water and it will go no further but will be useful in setting a precedent to state that due to IMMUNITY the over 388 Congress and Executive branch guilty of treason and a remarkable break of National Security are IMMUNE FROM PROSECUTION..I don’t think so. Of course trotting out blanket immunity has some obstacle one assumes SOMEWHERE within our Constitution which surely they put in some type of limits to just how treasonous our officers of a government by and for the people could possibly go…

So did anyone catch the rather lackluster enthusiasm from Juan O Savin our bastion of justice for the people and paragon MASTER of the REVOLUTION when faced with the very real possibility that 3 brothers, none of whom is a lawyer… speaking as Patriotic Americans could have exposed the unvarnished TRUTH that demonstrates our government has been conducting itself with treasonous intent from 2020 onward… And that the simple removal from office of the entire Legislative body…And the Executive by the Judicial branch is the only just solution. So why is Juan so reticent in being overjoyed at the possibility of “Victory” by and for the People?

The reason is simple. The Q/White Hats are not yet ready to actually WIN this game. They like so many sting ops conducted within law enforcement (especially in the drug wars) where they cannot expose the bad guys yet because they have just a few more of the higher ups… the drug kingpins to wrestle to the ground and shuttle into their Guantanamo Bay Military Tribunals and execute outright under cover of darkness while masses of the People still sleep.

Yes they plan to reveal all sooner or later but what they don’t tell you is they need their bad players who have infiltrated the cabal to stay in place just a while longer… While they bate the traps a little longer before they read in the American People on what they have been doing.

Yes I sympathize with their objectives. Rescue the children around the world, destroy or takeover the DUMBS and decimate their Alien overlords hiding undersea and underground… KILL KILL KILL and maybe they will nab the highest of the high illuminati master minds holding the keys to the myriad CHILD/HUMAN TRAFFICKING NETWORKS.

And yes they knew about PENCE THE MURDERING PEDO FROM THE BEGINNING AND THEY used him as a pedo honey pot to discover his friends to aid them in infiltrating and deep diving into the pits of evil surrounding us on this Planet. And they knew like any good Mafia boss knows their enemies… and yes they keep them close, closer even than their friends… The name of the game has been infiltrate and expose…but only within their ranks. The battle has been deep, dark and bloody …very bloody.

The fact is that the Q/White Hats have been trying to tell us without telling us that they are letting the game proceed… So that they can go higher and higher up the food chain of the enemy. But in the process… Many will die. Many will continue to be deceived and the real palace intrigue takes place under cover of darkness. We have our own secret police at work that would rival anything in Soviet or Tsarist Russia and Nazi Germany.

Do we object? Do we ask them to come forward with their EBS? While there are still more bad guys to be caught… For how long? Another 3 years, 5 years? 10 years? When is enough. Enough? There is a word for this syndrome that arises even within the real drug war… where no one wants to pull the trap DOWN on the culprits… because there are always a few more to be caught … if you just keep the subterfuge going a little bit longer….

And meanwhile you promise the people it will be a near-death experience.. near but in theory just before the guillotine drops you will pull back the curtain and expose the real enemy. And save the people from a fate worse than death… for example…rescue from the COVID death sentence or worse AI takeover… that MILLIONS HAVE OPTED in to…voluntarily.

Sure, you will roll out the med beds and save a few soldiers or children when this is ALL OVER but when exactly is that? Before it is too late one hopes.

Is the cure worse than the disease America? Do you sincerely believe it is possible to KILL KILL KILL all the REPTILIAN PEDO CHILD SACRIFICING MINIONS AND THEIR LEADERS OUT THERE IN TIME to save the Human Race…What’s left of it?

How many vampires can you catch? How many Buffy the Vampire Slayers are there out here? Because before we are done the Q/White hats are gonna need to begin recruiting legions to fight the Luciferian Wars into the future.

Welcome to the Brave New World.

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