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QLD Premier’s father runs genetic data storage company

A comment from Gab

"It is honestly startling, as a devoted patriotic Australian, watching 25.69 million citizens of this once great nation worship the apathy that has infected them.

The get-up-and-go mentality that once reined has disappeared with time, luxury and down-right laziness... and its so sad that not even the intended murder or maiming of those they 'love' can inspire a desire to fight.

While we're at it, how many of those that YOU are paying are DOING SOMETHING - about the bee killing, the irradiating of all fruits and vegetables so YOU can't grow your own and farmers MUST purchase seeds from designated providers, or perhaps the 15-minute cities being implemented, or the 'cloud seeding' that is done in YOUR sky's, or the vaxed animals destined for YOUR plates, and I can't believe I have to mention this one, but no one else is, the obvious conflict-of-interest with COVID and QLD Premier Palaszczuk's father ( ) ...

... I mean SERIOUSLY AUSTRALIA, how much more pain do YOU need to take before YOU STAND AND FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE?

- just asking for the many Australians who died for you before you were born."


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