Quiet Australians are still silent Australians... but not for long

The nation’s political leaders do not grasp the demoralisation and sense of despair currently being felt right across the community by Australians says Sky News host Alan Jones.

“The quiet Australians are still silent Australians, I suspect not for long,” he said.

There has been "disgusting, disgraceful, totalitarian, dictatorial, make it up as you go, rubbish” seen in New South Wales following the cancellation of school sporting events, earlier in the week, as a precaution against the further spread of the coronavirus.

"I was now being inundated with parents telling me the emotional impact on their children, the decision was heartless and foundation,"

Mr Jones warned NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, saying “your party is getting tired of this stuff".

"It wants a leader, not a follower".

“No politician should be allowed to get away with this damaging behaviour and I give you this guarantee, they won't”.

PROF. DONALD HENDERSON (acclaimed disease eradicator)

"A policy calling for community wide cancellation of public events is inadvisable... Cancelling or postponing large meetings would not be likely to have any significant effect on the development of an epidemic...

"A policy directing community closure of public events is inadvisable."