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R-K-TYPES: The Epigenetic Engineering of Humanity

R-K-TYPES is the latest full-length documentary film from Maybug Productions that deals with a theme you will not find elsewhere - the agenda to epigenetically engineer our thoughts and behaviour by hacking our biological selection strategies. This film introduces us to R/K selection theory and details just how it is being used to bring about social changes that benefit a tiny minority to the detriment of everyone else. Learn how your biology is being hacked and used against you, and by learning just how it is being done, take steps to preserve and protect your life, liberty and well-being against those who threaten to take them from you.

"I believe this film is of great importance to us all regarding the engineering of humankind by using known biological principles, in particular r and K sexual selectivity strategies - so make sure that you do watch and pay close attention." - Sacha Stone

"Definitely the most important documentary I've seen for at least the past 10 years." - Dr. Jabez Steenkamp, Centre for the Expansion of Consciousness, Azores, Portugal.

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