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Ready for your mandated brain implant yet?

The future is already here. Forget about microchips implanted in your hand. Now they are coming up with chips implanted into your brains!

You heard that right, it is already here.

A company called ”Inner Cosmos” has revealed a new brain implant designed to treat depression. They have already implanted it in a human patient and are planning to start a second human trial next month. The implant sends electrical pulses to your brain to allegedly ”treat” depression.

It comes with an app that measures your mood and has depression graphs to be shared with your physician.

According to Forbes, depression has more than doubled during the pandemic lockdowns. So this seem to come at a very convenient time…

The unique thing with this brain implant is that it sits under the skin, and not inside the skull, which sadly could make it much easier to push onto people.

A psychiatrist will program the device and tune it for what they say is the patient needs.

This scares me.

Of course they say it will be used for all kinds of good things, treat depression and so on (without telling you that one of the best ways to treat depression is to go for a hike in nature!). What they are not telling you is how this could be used in very nefarious ways.

But you might have heard the World Economic Forum talk about brain implants before. In fact, in an article on their website they said there were ”rational reasons” to put tracking chips in children.

This is all part of the transhumanist agenda. Now that word was something you mostly only heard from people like Alex Jones before. Yesterdays conspiracy theory turns out to be today's truth…

They have been forcing us to microchip our pets for many years now. How long until that starts happening in humans? In Sweden over 6000 people have voluntarily implanted microchips into their hands to use for cashless payments!

The thought of a brain implant gets much scarier. As I said, they say it will be used for good. But with the likes of the WEF onboard, I somehow doubt it. We also have Elon Musk with his neuralink brain implant coming soon. And there are more working on it as well. This is being pushed hard.

How long until the government starts claiming that dissidents and people opposing the government on things like the covid tyranny are ”suffering” from depression and mental health problems?

Because you see, that is a common tactic among authoritarians. In the Soviet Union, dissidents were labeled as ”mentally ill” by the expert psychiatrists and locked up in psychiatric hospitals.

Only this time, they could just send electrical signals to your brain and quickly ”re-educate” people and reprogram them into becoming good obedient citizens of the state. That is a very real future we are heading towards.

Imagine that. If they have a brain implant in your head, you have no idea what they could do. They could literally hack your brain and you might not even know.

Pair that up with a powerful AI and we are getting into seriously dangerous territory. No doubt they will sometime in the future try to sell you on the idea that you can be hooked up to an AI to gain all sorts of knowledge. In reality they will have full control over you.

This is not as far fetched as you might think. You might have heard of the new ChatGPT from OpenAI. Microsoft will integrate it into their search engine Bing. And there is talks about it being integrated into Windows.

Also, what are the possible side effects of this so called treatment? They already pushed new mRNA technology on the population with no long term safety data. What about this, is this even safe? Probably not.

We are seeing the first steps towards something very dangerous, something that I do not want any part of.

This is still early days, and this will probably be called a crazy conspiracy theory by skeptics. But you have to be dumb to not realize where this is heading.

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