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Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes: "Are You Serious With What You Just Said Right Now?”

Sparks flying in encounter with Commissioner Věra Jourová in the COVID Committee, where she claimed that the Digital Green Certificate has not forced people to be vaccinated. The European Commission keeps refusing to publish the contracts with vaccine producers. Is this fair?

“…We are talking about the fundamental rights of every EU citizen, and we just heard right now that through this green certificate people were not forced to be vaccinated,”

”Are we guys serious? Can we look people in the eyes, citizens of the European Union telling them that?”

“Ursula Von Der Leyen is directly responsible for the increase in food and energy price in the EU. Her utopian plan to combat carbon emissions will lead to higher taxes and prices and, implicitly, to more poverty in the EU. Fit for 55 plan must be stopped!”

"The purpose of the Green Certificate was not to combat COVID, but to impose a digital tyranny. Call your MEPs to vote on June 23 AGAINST extending with 1 more year the certificate. We were elected by the people in the European Parliament to make laws for the people, not against them!"

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