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474,591 views • November 26, 2022

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The wheels of commerce keep turning, despite the mainstream outlook, yet for many the direction we are headed feels some way off-course. Inspiration and opportunity have been in short supply these last couple of years and many people are beginning to seriously question how on earth we got in this mess to begin with. We hear the same old lines from the same old faces, and nothing seems to change. Politics has become more divisive than ever, but the lack of empathy and support for the population at large remains the same. The cost of living crisis has hit hard, and we’re reliably informed we’re yet to see the worst of it. War rages in Ukraine and China continues to cast a creeping shadow over the Western world. Of course, you don’t need me to tell you any of this, just grab a copy of your newspaper of choice or tune into the nightly news and fill your boots. There you’ll find all the doom and gloom your heart could possibly desire. The important questions are in fact, why are these things happening? Who is responsible? What is next? And when will we see some light at the end of the tunnel? I’m afraid I don’t have a crystal ball, but what I do have is a roster of incredible quests every single week, that at the very least can offer some clarity, connect the dots and find some common ground. They’re often the kind of voices you won’t hear in the mainstream media, because I believe everybody has the right to voice their opinion and furthermore, we should all have access to a variety of information and ideas so that we can make informed choices based on sound evidence. Today’s returning guest, oftentimes controversially, has become something of a regular on London Real and the Digital Freedom Platform. He’s also one of the most fascinating individuals I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with. And while I don’t agree with everything he says, I will certainly defend his right to say it, and more pertinently his right to assemble, in any country on this earth. David Icke is often simply described as a ‘conspiracy theorist’, although this feels a little too vague and dismissive. In reality, David has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to investigating, researching, questioning, documenting, and writing about “who and what is really controlling the world”. And I would argue despite his outspoken nature, he is most often misunderstood, at least by those who fail to listen. Of course, David’s early life couldn’t be much further away from where he finds himself today. As a talented young footballer, he signed for Coventry City in 1967 as a goalkeeper. He went on to play for Oxford United, Northampton Town and Hereford United until, at the tender age of 21, found his burgeoning career cut short by arthritis, something that would affect him for many years to come. From here, he pursued a career in journalism and worked his way up the corporate ladder, blazing a trail into the spotlight as a presenter with the BBC. He dabbled in politics, as a spokesman for the Green Party, but his life would change forever in 1991 when David experienced what can only be described as a spiritual awakening. The media pounced and criticism, contempt and ridicule soon followed. Since that time, David has authored over 20 books and spoken in over 25 countries. He has an enormous global following, and his tours take in cities from as far afield as New Zealand and Los Angeles to London and New York and anywhere in between. His research into prominent political figures, influential groups, global events, and most recently the pandemic has seen him on the receiving end of widespread criticism from the mainstream media – a situation he now knows only too well. The truth is this, his consistent messaging, incredibly accurate predictions and promotion of peace and unity have resonated with a huge community of people from all corners of the globe who have grown tired of the government lies, cover-ups, censorship and manipulation that have become an increasing presence in our everyday lives. David is an intelligent and compassionate individual. He promotes positivity as a response to many of the challenges we face in modern society. And, as those who have been to one of his renowned sold-out arena tours, where he speaks for up to ten hours a day can attest, he is incredibly good company and extremely engaging. In early November, David was making his final arrangements to head over to Amsterdam and speak at a peace rally, when he abruptly received notification from the Dutch government that he had been banned from entering the country, not just for that demonstration, but for two years! 25 other countries tied together with the Netherlands, by what is known as the Schengen Agreement followed suit. And what was set to be a modest appearance at previously little known rally, turned into something of a media storm.

“The human race is a herd. Here we are, unique, eternal aspects of consciousness with an infinity of potential, and we have allowed ourselves to become an unthinking, unquestioning blob of conformity and uniformity. A herd. Once we concede to the herd mentality, we can be controlled and directed by a tiny few. And we are.”

Of course, David’s not shaken, he’s barely stirred, but I’m looking forward to sitting down to get to the bottom of why he thinks such extreme measures were taken almost out of the blue. Our freedom of speech is at stake here, and that is something myself and David firmly agree on. This is a big conversation and I’m really looking forward to getting David’s take on what we’re seeing unfold in the world. Not because I need his help or guidance, but because he has something to say and everybody should have the right to free speech. A wise man once said – “There is freedom of speech, but I cannot guarantee freedom after speech.” And perhaps that is something we all should think about right now. We’re at a crossroads, and we must ask ourselves what we want our future world to look like, because it will be with us sooner than we’re prepared for. David wants all of us to stand up and think for ourselves, to be independent and that is something we certainly agree on.

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1. The system wants to ban you if you’re saying something right

2. Getting banned by the Netherlands

3. Why are they so terrified of me

4. The key elements of their agenda

5. China is the blueprint for the rest of the world

6. Is David Icke an anti-semite?

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8. Why I’m slammed as a Holocaust denier

9. The Hunger Games Society

10. What the lockdowns were really about

11. Climate change is a hoax

12. The lockdown in China

13. China is The Great Reset

14. The pandemic was just an opportunity for the cult

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17. Why the cult sold Twitter to Elon Musk

18. They will use digital currencies to control us

19. Thoughts on Kanye West

20. Donald Trump was brought in to divide America

21. They don’t really have the power

22. This cult doesn’t worry me

23. We have to stop thinking about consequences

24. They are phasing out Human 1.0

25. People now see what they’re doing

26. True spirituality comes with a spine

27. I am all there is, has been, and ever can be

28. All it takes is saying NO

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