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RSV Nonsense

RSV Nonsense

No such virus exists.

Amandha Dawn Vollmer

RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) has been part of the fear agenda as of late. Let me rip the bandaid off, there is no such virus. Actually, there are no viruses at all.

The symptoms ARE the cure. Support the body, don’t suppress the symptoms with poisonous drugs and vaccines.

Truth in this realm has been inverted completely. So what is happening when we have a lung expression that they are labeling RSV?

To begin, we must understand that when bodily tissue is damaged, the frequency of the cell is altered via its EZ water (H3O) levels dropping from destructuring (stay tuned for my video lecture on EZ water also known as the hexagonal 4th phase of water that gives our cells battery life.) This begins a signaling process to call for help to repair it or use the apoptotic mechanism. Think of it as a drained battery. Upon cell death, the contents will spill out into the surrounding fluid. This triggers an inflammatory response and a pH change. Your own pleomorphic microbes that change shape depending on the job that needs to be done, will eat up the waste. When this job is done the white blood cells will chase those microbes and ingest them to help the metabolism process along. The ding-dongs in white coats who know nothing about how the body actually works, because they have been indoctrinated by the Rockefeller drug cartel, will take samples of these spilled contents, alter them inside a petri dish medium, and seek the nucleic acid particles via the PCR technique (not a test, as you can literally change the cycle threshold to find anything you want) to try and match their findings to their make-believe virus nucleic acid computer samples. Essentially, they are claiming something foreign is attacking the body when it is merely your own endemic bodily responses being activated in order to heal the situation, bringing it back into homeostasis. Yikes, talk about embarrassing. These people call themselves experts. Perhaps bullshit experts. That I can get behind.

What is really occurring is a cytopathic effect caused by tissue toxicity, hypoxia, and lack of energy in the cell. For example, when wearing a dangerous, useless, slave programming mask and ingesting your own gaseous wastes back into your lung tissue, this process is triggered (meanwhile there is zero evidence of contagion via mucus). When the body goes into its healing process there are symptoms. Those are all the symptoms that we associate with colds and flu. Those symptoms are the body trying to heal the damage and create new cells to replace those lost.

Causing lung irritation via absorption of one's own wastes is what these lunatics are calling RSV. It's nothing more than madness, completely unscientific, and all the control studies that have been done, since they won't do them, show that this is indeed the case. See Dr. Stefan Lanka's control experiments where he created the cytopathic effect via healthy cells in Petri dishes and could find any so-called virus he desired. To add insult to injury, more toxins via dangerous drugs and genocidal vaccines are piled on, a method of suppression guaranteed to cause deeper organ tissue damage, break the detoxification pathways and ensure the poisons and damaged tissue are not dealt with. People walking around with dead tissue inside of them, hmm, what does that remind me of? Oh yes, zombies.

A word to the wise, never, ever suppress the actions of nature. The body is not stupid or lacking chemicals from petrochemical companies. It is merely the false programming instilled in society to suppress. It’s nothing more than a dangerous magic trick. Only in dire emergency situations would you need to use suppressive action to steer a direction where intervention has to have a path, and even this could be argued otherwise. You want the waste out of the body. You do not want your garbage to go deeper inside the body.

Skin conditions, blood deformities, autism, ADD, genetic problems, SIDS, fertility issues, menstrual problems, pain syndromes, arthritis, diabetes, cancers (and lately, fast cancers caused by the derpy mRNA sterilizing and depopulating clot shot), and more chronic conditions are all due to suppression of symptoms and ignorance by the medical drug lords alongside their ego-maniac cronies.


The germ theory is, literally, a perfect example of pseudo-science.


The germ theory is a scientism-based religious ideology born of fraud and not scientifically valid. It denies the self-healing brilliance of the design of our bodies, labels symptoms as “bad” and therefore must be suppressed by false heroic action, making patients mere innocent victims of random circumstance rather than designers of their own empowered health and wellbeing, and has created “a pill for every ill” multi-trillion dollar medical cult that feeds off the very people that have been mind controlled to beg them for salvation. It’s time we accept the scientific paradigm shift correction that is long overdue.

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