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Russia/Ukraine: The State of Affairs.

Vladimir Putin: "Immediately after the collapse of the USSR, the West began to work with the fifth column, with separatists and terrorist organizations"

Sergei Shoigu: "NATO officers are planning Ukrainian military operations - we intercept foreign communications on their radio's."

Sergei Shoigu: "The Russian military is currently the best prepared military in the world. Despite the sanctions, we outproduce the NATO countries"

"The US acted like bandits in Ukraine organising a coup detat in 2014 to create lawlessness. They forced us to react to this lawlessness."

"Were we supposed to just hand everything over to them, watch them devour everything that is historically Russian?"

"The population of Europe are waking up to the fact that they are simply being used by the USA."

EPIC video of Russian Orthodox troops praying before battle against NATO in Ukraine.

...and here's the coke head mass murdering war criminal.

Zelensky: "Ukraine is not losing the war"

"I can’t speak about goals. We had difficulties because everyone told us what our goals were. All the months, everyone said where we were going, what was best, it’s okay, it’s warm there in the south, winter comes late, there are enough weapons. With Russia, which has more weapons, this does not work. I cannot say a single detail of our defensive and counter-offensive ideas for next year"

Zelensky: "Nobody knows when the war will end"

‘Trump will have different policies if he becomes president. American policy will be more economical and focused on domestic issues. This will affect the course of the war in Ukraine’

Zelensky: "We need to moblize 450-500 thousand more people"

However, Zelensky promised that he would not sign a law on mobilization of women

He also added "We will never support such a thing that a part of Ukraine is in the NATO and the part of Ukraine controlled by the Russian Federation is not in the NATO"

Zelensky on Israel and Palestine: "We respect the policies of two countries - Israel and Palestine - we recognize both the independent people of Israel and the independent people of Palestine. Our conflict cannot be compared with the conflict between Israel and Palestine, because the conflict did not begin with terrorist acts of Ukraine on Russian territory."

Zelensky added that the war in the Middle East has a negative impact on Ukraine, and he believes that the war was organized by - you guessed it - Russia

The United States does not have a “magic pot” from which it can draw funding for Ukraine

So we can see where this is heading...

In the meantime...

In Ukrainian Transcarpathia women have to drive their men around in the trunks of their cars to keep them safe from mobilization

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