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Sacha Stone, Riccardo Bosi And Jamie McIntyre Discuss Australia with Charlie Ward

"four beautiful minds, coming together what a joy - thank you because 'real men save lives' Go Riccardo Bosi, we here in Australia are behind you 1000%"

"Sitting here in Communist Victoria is not a pleasant existence at the moment so following Sacha and the International Tribunal for Natural Justice along with Charlie has given me some hope and I try to spread this hope as best I can learn about Riccardo as I finally did last week , gives great hope and someone to vote for as I have listened to his Philosophy's on other platforms....please Aussie"s we need to work at it to get the Message out."

"I had been following Sacha, Charlie and Jamie for months, had heard of Riccardo on the fringes and SO happy to find the heart beat of real politics here on our soil ... listening to real men brings me hope and tears to my eyes ... thank you 🙏"

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