Scamdemic- 'Quarantine Centres' aka Concentration Camps

Here I discuss the latest tyranny taking place with covid 19 and how they are now opening up quarantine centres in New Zealand. First we were told its just a 2 week lockdown, then masks, then social distancing and now this. How much more will we take before we start to resist?

Tyrannical lockdowns in Australia and hardly anyone can get in and out but planes from China landing there regularly with facial recognition equipment!!!

Many there still asking for more with virtue signalling over masks.

So many masked Karens continue to worship the state and its authority.

How much more of this self abuse are people going to take before it starts to trigger some self respect and self esteem?

At what stage does tyranny go too far?

Where is your moral compass? Where do you draw the line?

1 million people managed to hit the streets in Berlin to demonstrate against the lockdowns.

(organisers estimate about 1 million; Berlin police estimate about 750,000; mainstream media estimate 15 - 20,000)

So where is everyone else?