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Scientism begets medical monotheism...

Scientism begets medical monotheism which leads to persecution of anyone who deviates from the medical orthodoxy’s ‘standard of care.’ The scripture is biomedical literature, and the priest of the body is the doctor in the white coat.

The sacraments are pharmaceuticals, but the most faith-based of all is vaccination, especially mRNA jabs which never went though adequate safety trials and are a priori transhumanistic/transgenic in design and therefore have no sound basis for statements purporting or advertising safety or efficacy, especially long term.

Watching world religious leaders bow down to, and promote this new global cult of Covid fear-mongering and pharma worship has been a sight to behold. Faith in one’s innate resilience and immunity has been denied, and even demonized as ‘dangerous conspiracy theory,’ by the mainstream media and government.

The message: never before has it been more essential to build your body up to where you never need to seek the aid of a doctor, many of whom have become little more than glorified pharmacologists. [caveat: emergency medicine can be miraculously valuable to society)

Learn more about the Science of Natural Healing at, and how to take back control of your health destiny.

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