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Scientists create mice with two fathers after making eggs from male cells

Creation of mammal with two biological fathers could pave way for new fertility treatments in humans

"Scientists have created mice with two biological fathers by generating eggs from male cells, a development that opens up radical new possibilities for reproduction.

The advance could ultimately pave the way for treatments for severe forms of infertility, as well as raising the tantalising prospect of same-sex couples being able to have a biological child together in the future."

"Katsuhiko Hayashi, who led the work at Kyushu University in Japan and is internationally renowned as a pioneer in the field of lab-grown eggs and sperm said that purely in terms of technology, it will be possible [in humans] even in 10 years,” he said, adding that he personally would be in favour of the technology being used clinically to allow two men to have a baby if it were shown to be safe."

The Woke Libtarded LGBTQRST community will undoubtedly be wetting themselves with excitement and anticipation.

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