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SHOCKING! Australia is Rothschild’s World HQ For Satanic NWO, Child Sex Trafficking, Military Comman

SHOCKING! Australia is Rothschild’s World HQ For Satanic NWO, Child Sex Trafficking, Military Command and Control, D.U.M.B’s and Tunnel Networks.

Canberra is the global headquarters of Rothschild’s satanic filth, child sex trafficking, population and mind control, spying, military command and control. Australia hosts the worlds largest, deepest and most extensive Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B’s) and Tunnel Networks generally 10km (6 miles) deep.

The tunnels encircle and honeycomb the Australian Continent connecting every D.U.M.B. throughout the continent, extending underwater to the continental shelf to New Zealand and Antarctica.

HAARP and other radar systems, Pine Gap, submarine bases extending inland,

Special Forces are attacking and cleaning out the tunnels and D.U.M.B’s and rescuing

thousands of children. Melbourne’s extensive tunnel systems are enormous, secret child trafficking centres for holding, breeding and human experimentation. Sydney is even larger with more children involved.

Sydney’s Holsworthy Army Base is notorious for child sex trafficking, satanic blood rituals and child sacrifice. Fiona Barnett, child victim, describes the rituals, humiliation, sexual abuse, locations and people involved in her documentary Candy Girl. Fiona also describes her experiences in further detail in her chilling book (free to download) “Eyes Wide Open

Learn more about the shocking extent of Child Sex Trafficking, D.U.M.B’s and tunnel networks in Australia and around the world.

Learn who is behind it including the satanic Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, the UN, WHO, WEF, NATO the CIA and interrelated satanic organizations.

About Gene Decode?

Once people know the TRUTH, they shift from compliance to resistance.

Find out who’s behind these crimes against humanity

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