Shocking Photos Show Stacks Of ‘Unusable’ PPE Stored At £1m Per Day

Aerial photos have shown the scale of shipping containers being used to store ‘unusable’ PPE at locations across Suffolk.

As reported by the Mirror, the Government is using old airfields, yards and ports in Suffolk to keep thousands of shipping containers, at an apparent cost of £1million a day.

The Department for Health has paid private contractor Uniserve approximately £124million for “storage costs” over the last four months.

Drone images demonstrate the extent of the container storage in Suffolk, with some of the piles thought to be up to 60ft high.

Image: Bav Media

As well as Ipswich Docks, the containers have appeared at two disused RAF bases in Eye, and at yards in Newmarket and Woodbridge.

Ipswich docks: Bav Media

A further 1,000 containers at Mendlesham Airfield are currently subject to a planning battle.

Over the summer, the Department of Health bought £7million worth of shipping containers as a “cost-effective” way to store the tens of billions of PPE items.

As many as 3,000 unopened containers have been tracked down.

The National Audit Office said: “The Government has budgeted an unprecedented £15bn to buy PPE for England during 2020-21. Hundreds of millions of pounds’ worth of PPE will not be used for the original intended purpose.”

The department said: “There are robust processes to ensure value for money and we have set out plans for managing excess stock of PPE.”

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