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Silent killers in an invisible war

The greatest crime against humanity has been vaccination and the release of bioweapons through infection or transfection; otherwise known as shedding. Yet because death is so sanitized by the medical-industrial complex, the same outrage that is reserved for violent crimes is muted and like domesticated animals to slaughter, the masses are sacrificed on the altar of medical Science and die without a struggle; many not even recognizing that they have been maimed or slaughtered intentionally.

In human history there are paradigm shifts, that first start off with an idea. Dr Joe Lee's String Theory and revelation that antibodies do not confer immunity to viruses is an idea that when widely accepted, will completely transform society. His revolutionary theory would bring down the whole vaccination industry because it attacks the foundation on which vaccination is based but also transform how we treat disease.

Antibodies are generally a waste product of infection or injection because they do not provide protection from viruses and while they may be useful against extracellular pathogens, not intracellular pathogens like viruses and so creating antibodies for viruses via vaccination, essentially make them a waste product in the body that serves no purpose. If so much inflammation is created that it causes the blood to become thick and sludgy, that's when cells, tissues, and organs start becoming deprived of oxygen, stress is placed on the heart and you can end up with brain damage or sudden death. No vaccine is necessary. It is all risk. Zero benefit.

The body is well and truly equipped with an immune system that has evolved over generations.

Let me repeat that. The very Science that vaccination is based on, that antibodies confer immunity or assist in fighting viruses is completely flawed and hence all vaccinations are unnecessary.

When the vaccines injure children and people, these people become life long customers of the pharmaceutical industry and while it was argued that the risk/benefit was worth it, the vaccine narrative could continue unchallenged but if there is no benefit and all risk, then the whole reason for vaccination becomes moot.

In this episode Dr Joe Lee explains, The String theory. I reached out to him on Twitter because I could see he was highly censored, and I was struck by his passion and integrity for truth, justice and health. He's not your plastic fantastic television or social media doctor but an authentic voice.

The String theory explains white fibrous clotting, sudden deaths especially of athletes, why boosters are particularly bad and ischemia as the mechanism for brain, organ and tissue damage. Also to be discussed in this video, the corruption of Fauci, and other players in this fraud, how the body actually heals from infectious disease, the power of fasting, RNase enzymes the true hero of the pandemic, inflammo-thrombolic response as the cause of harm in the body, how data is manipulated, interleukin and interferon, holding the medical establishment accountable for misconduct which nullifies their immunity.

A truly revolutionary podcast that will not only change the way you see healing but also completely dismantles The Science of Vaccination.

"Some infections are also dangerous because the body is producing so much inflammation that the blood becomes thick and sticky and oxygen cannot get to the cells, tissues and organs and they die"

This is why when very sick, the body naturally fasts and it's important to keep hydrated to flush out the toxins in the blood,


“German physicist Max Planck somewhat cynically declared, science advances one funeral at a time. Planck noted “a new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

We have reached a critical juncture in human history with an unprecedented numbers of excess deaths and with an ever expanding childhood vaccination schedule leading to devastating health outcomes for children, we need to open our hearts and our minds to the reality that we have been duped and this is not just about mRNA vaccines but in fact, all vaccines. It's not whether vaccines have toxic substances or adjuvants like mercury or aluminium and while these are bad, the very process that vaccination causes is the harm.

Dr. Joe Lee’s information threatens the multi-billion dollar vaccine industry and the suppression of this knowledge is also costing lives. Every vaccine put on the US childhood schedule, equates to 1 billion dollars a year in sales and the covid19 vaccine, over the first 1.5 years since the rollout of the COVID vaccine, Pfizer made $56 billion dollars and Moderna made $34 billion.

Dr Joe Lee began his journey by asking the question, how was it possible that without COVID antibodies, people were able to recover from COVID because no one had a COVID antibody in 2020? He wrote a detailed letter to Fauci in February 2021, explaining to him how the c19 vaccine was never going to provide immunity. See below

The fatal flaw was that even if COVID antibodies were able to confer immunity (which they don’t) the COVID antibody is 145,000 Dalton molecule and our blood lung barrier can keep water molecules out at 18 Daltons out of our lung air space, which is where the COVID virus is infecting lung cells. So where is the path for the antibody to get through the lung barrier? There is none.

He sent letters to all the pharmacies and put them on notice for distributing the vaccines. kept a paper trail and was booted off Twitter with 50k followers. He is truly a censored doctor, and the cure that he has found for COVID is also free; and it is ubiquitous in our bodies and the environment; RNase enzymes break down RNA.

Water fasting activates the RNase enzyme that destroys viral mRNA by the activation of more RNase enzymes. The establishment hate him but he has also put the American Academy of Pediatricians on notice because under the Prep Act, they void immunity if they commit woeful misconduct. Woeful misconduct is to remove his critical information.

The elderly and obese were more affected by COVID because of the build up of defunct proteins, that can absorb reactive oxygen species and thus it takes longer to activate more RNase enzymes.

Dr Lee saved his 99 year old grandmother who was admitted to hospital with the Flu into a COVID ward and insisted no IV glucose and as a result of fasting, she walked out 4 and a half days later on her own two feet!


Below is the diagram that explains why boosters cause a string of antibodies and antigens to form in the body. It is why those who have high antibodies in their blood, when they take a booster shot, are at grave risk of sudden death, as their process of assembling of the antigen (from the booster) and antibodies (from previous vaccination) continues unabated. Even the very idea of giving boosters where antigens are injected that use up the antibodies, according to the current established Science of vaccination is ridiculous. For what purpose? Essentially nullifying any benefit from previous jabs but unfortunately actually multiplying the harm, as these long, white fibrous clots form in the body.

Half the vaccines currently on the market fit this criteria. So this is not just about covid19 genetic vaccines but many of the vaccines on the childhood schedule.

Children are being maimed and killed because of vaccines. Vaccines that are unnecessary and if they do provide protection, it is only for a limited time due to the body producing interferon from being shocked but that wears away very quickly. So negligible benefit, if any and all risk of harm. In the video, we also discuss why athletes are dying suddenly,


The best way to control an opposition is to lead it. Many people are star struck by celebrity doctors, politicians and influencers, that say all the things they want to hear and are not only paid handsomely to promote certain products and services, but also control the pace at which information comes out. If you did your research, it was easily discovered in January 2020, that the virus came from a lab and was engineered with gain of function.

It was never just the flu rebranded. If you don't know your enemy, you won't be able to defend yourself and if you don't understand that COVID is a bio-weapon, then you will not treat it with the caution it deserves. If you understand it, you can protect yourself and your family because it's endemic in the community and every time you are infected with COVID it steals your life force and causes harm that can lead to a whole host of inflammo-thrombolic diseases from cancer to heart disease. I understand the mechanism personally having been infected and ending up in heart failure and I have learnt the hard way what it takes to heal. The video below explains SARS-cov-2 . My story can be found and

True grassroots anti-vaccination leaders like Brandy Vaughan of who warned of mandatory adult vaccines years ago and many doctors like Dr Bradstreet, Dr Andrew Moulden and many others who developed cures for cancer or spoke on vaccination died in mysterious circumstances or went into exile. Dr Andrew Moulden was taking legal action to bring down the whole vaccine house of cards and his series Tolerance Lost and Tolerance Found explained how vaccines caused ischemia and how every vaccine caused harm.

In my opinion, through various means, the anti-vaccination movement was created years ago, in order to set the showdown in 2021, that you had a group that could be demonized and society divided. The old divide and conquer trick but far worse than that because self appointed leaders became gatekeepers of the pharmaceutical industry, either intentionally or because of their own biases.

In the video with Dr Lee, you will also hear how his opinion on so called anti-vaccination doctors and how they hindered his work. It is consistent with what I have also observed and how money flows behind the scenes. I don't know what is worse; the enemy that you know or the enemy that pretends to be your friend that offers advice and knowledge that harms you. I do think the latter.

Be careful who you put your trust in and don't be lazy doing your own research.

I present the information to you but don't believe me but search out the truth for yourself by critically examination. Be very wary of any doctors or health guru, that peddles a "safe and effective" narrative because every drug has a side effect. Even supplements can cause unwanted side effects because frankly if something can have a benefit, it is shifting the body's homeostatis balance and if you shift the body too far in one direction, it becomes unbalanced and that's when problems begin. Look at where their funding is coming from and what they have said (or recommended) or done in the past that may raise red flags.

My podcast above with Dr Fleming also discusses homeostatis balance. Both of these podcasts are worth your time to watch and give you a good foundation in understanding health. No one has all the answers. We all have biases but if we keep searching for the truth, we will find it.


In recent times, the focus has been on COVID vaccines as being more harmful but this has not dampened the sales of the new RSV and meningococcal vaccines, which has actually exceeded Pfizer’s expectations and while childhood jabs have dropped according to the authorities to the low 90%s , the majority of people are still vaccinating their babies and children.

If you go back and watch my podcast with Dr Richard Fleming and bear in mind the connection between inflammo-thrombolic response in the body (think clotting and ischemia) then you can also draw a line to other diseases such as cancer, heart disease, Alzeihmer’s, etc..

Imagine that? The root of many modern diseases finds it’s foundation in vaccination.

The question is, do you hold this information to yourself or do you share it widely amongst your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues or do we wait for more deaths to pile up before we let go of our egos and fear of being ridiculed.

Keep talking because an idea spreads like wild fire and leads to paradigm shifts but it never happens overnight and let's hope it doesn't take too many funerals before people come to the knowledge that for many years we have been duped by false ideas that don't stand up to scrutiny.

Dr Joe Lee’s Twitter

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Document linking jabs to clot formation


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