"So many people bought the lie..."

"So many people bought the lie.

So, so many.

They paraded to the world their rolled up sleeves and their courageous fight against the dreaded boogieman.

They suffocated themselves and made that bizarre, senseless act of submission,

seem trendy and fashionable.

They used their incredible reach and enormous platforms to make getting experimentatal mRNA injections…

seems as normal as taking a selfie at a popular tourist attraction.

They flexed.

They coerced.

They enticed.

They promoted to their adoring, hypnotised audiences.

And their audiences,

who want to be just like them,

went out and followed suit.

With such enormous influence comes enormous responsibility.

As #vaccineinjuries and SADS is now trending online,

I wonder how they feel.

Do they feel anything at all?

Many are realising…

they have been deceived…

and were mere pawns…

persuaded to push the poison on their unsuspecting fans…

and into their own skin as well.

Waking up at this stage,

must be very, very hard."