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So You Took The Jab—Ever Wonder What Else Is In That Shot?

They are now coming out with the announcement that they want to continue with, yes, nano-chips in medicines. In this case tablets. Of course, we already found out that nanochips with a tracking device are in those Covid shots. So what else is in them?

Background: This is a maneuver by the WEF/pharma cartel being able to say that they are having an open hand in this.

And to avoid further suspicion, they are not presenting the tracking nano-device in one shot. No, they now put it in a PILL (But won’t that chip come out with your stool?). Then the sheep probably won’t get it!

They will probably be right about this. You can really fool those vaccinated sheep into anything. Very sorry everyone. Why the WEF involvement anyway?

Surely this is not an economic matter but something for the EU/UN/WHO? Why was there never a chip in medication in the past to relieve healthcare staff?

In addition to nano-bots, they’re also putting other junk in those Covid shots: highly toxic graphene, parasites, and other living creatures.

This pharma club is really unafraid of anything.

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