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'State becomes more powerful and individuals weaker' with forced isolation

When people are forced into isolation in their private homes and made fearful of some great disaster, which this is not, the result is “the state becomes powerful and the individual becomes weaker," says Sky News host Alan Jones.
Mr Jones said it is increasingly clear that governments have applied and persisted with the wrong strategies in dealing with the coronavirus.
He said the nation has been overwhelmed by the “coronavirus folly”.
“The public are distressed”.
Mr Jones said in 2005, the then health minister Tony Abbott argued then that in the wake of a likely pandemic, "Australia should commence border security measures beforehand."
“We did not, we kept importing the virus,” Mr Jones said.
“Indeed, as Health Minister, he released, in 2005, a pandemic influenza awareness kit to every GP … in other words, the federal government and the nation were told this by Abbott in 2005”.
“What we have witnessed is wanton betrayal, especially of the elderly,” Mr Jones said.

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